Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Dolan, Kurtz elected

Note by Marc Aupiais

Dolan is new USCCB US Bishops' president- Archbishop Kurtz is vice president. In the first vote Kicanas (alleged Paedo-friend-bishop) has 104 votes. Dolan 84 Chupat 20. Fortunately something turned it around and Dolan won the third vote. The Bishops were using electronic voting which is new. Dolan is loved by media and the church alike. He was the perfect choice to head the United States' bishops.

From an initial google search Kurtz also seems a good choice.

As much as moves by Cardinal Ratzinger at the beginning of this century to stop sex abuse circles in the Catholic church (despite still encountering opposition from John Paul II), this vote- while so close- sends the message that the inexcusable and utterly depraved abuse of the weak is worthy of hell- not the protection of the church.

SNAP who were protesting the expected vote for alleged paedophile friend bishop will certainly be pleased- hopefully they and their friends at the New York Times will decide to actually note a victory over the foundations of evil!

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