Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Pray alleged Paedo-Bishop doesn't head the US bishops- he's likely to

Note by Marc Aupiais

If tradition is followed the current vice president of the USCCB will be the next president of the US bishops. We must all pray that THAT MAN does not get in.

If secular and Catholic news are anything to go by- while Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) is the best ally of the weak and abused minors- the vice president (second in charge) of the USCCB is his alter ego.

Of all the bishops outside of jail who might have been guilty of complicity in sex abuse it is this man. SNAP and many other organisations have slammed the man- hinting at the publicity nightmare to come. The man is endorsed by the Rainbow Sash movement, and most of the worst heterodox Catholic movements.

If children are to be safe in church, men like him should be defrocked- not voted in charge of one of the most influential bishops' conferences in the world.

When Notre Dame arrested dozens of pro-life protesters for just being on campus to protest its support of radically pro-abortionist Barack Obama- this is one bishop who increased his support of the Notre Dame "Catholic" tertiary education system via feeder schools.

The bishops are voting RIGHT NOW!

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