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South African Bishops wantonly ignore Pope's condom comments

Note from SACNS

With their official paper promoting legal abortion, homosexuality, condoms, and attacking pro-lifers, the Vatican and orthodox bishops, while giving voice to dissidents, one need not expect much from the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference. After all- they said none of the politicians who voted to legalise abortion in RSA should be punished- even though the ANC put one Christian up for discipline by a Catholic- for voting against abortion.

Rather than teaching the dogma of 2 000 years and noted by the pope- that condoms are never a moral or real solution to HIV / AIDS (based on the bible which forbids spilling outside the womb) and therefore not to ever be endorsed or used by Catholics, the SACBC has used this as an opportunity to condemn souls while getting "good" "pr".

- the SACBC whose information officer, Chris Townsend informed SACNS we should subscribe to a pro-condom IRIN for our information on HIV / AIDS (he said he did),

- and whose information officer tried to silence a report on a Catholic service promoting abortion,

- and who's information officer is the Bishop's representative on the pro-homosexualist, pro-abortionist, pro-condoms, anti-new-mass Southern Cross,

Has emphasised they take no position on condom use in marriage (despite dogma forbidding it in all circumstances), and have promoted "fidelity"- seen by many as simply only being with one's girlfriend etc.

Napier- quoted- told our service the Southern Cross was anti-magisterial (anti-Vatican/pope/dogma) but that he refused to stop supporting it.

SACBC to their mailing list:

(Ps marriage was incorrectly spelt and encouraged was also- we fixed these errors. We verify this is from and to their official mailing list)

"1 December 2010World HIV & AIDS Daydream Friends,

HIV & AIDS will never be defeated by rhetoric or grandstanding. Our simple daily actions and choices will have far greater impact than showing off. HIV & AIDS is about people - sick, getting healthier, sad, happy, trying, failing, responsible and irresponsible.

There has been much speculation in the media over comments made by Pope Benedict XVI about Condoms. I include a clarification offered by Cardinal Napier on behalf of the Bishops below. I also include a comment by Sr Alison Munro who is the director of the AIDS Office of the SACBC. Please excuse the delay in getting this out as a general mailing- Cardinal Napier and I were in Australia.

1 -

Cardinal Napier's Clarification: (23 November 2010)

In response to questions submitted to the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference concerning Pope Benedict XVI's recent reported comments on condom usage, we restate our position on the primacy of an informed conscience as stated in our 2001 'Message of Hope':

"Where one spouse is infected with HIV/AIDS they must listen to their consciences. They are the only ones who can choose the appropriate means, in order to defend themselves against the infection. Both husband and wife should make decisions of such an intimate nature as equal and loving partners" (SACBC: Message of Hope: 2001)

The formation of conscience is a gradual development, allowing for a ever deepening sense of responsibility. Moral decisions should be made with an informed conscience and Pope Benedict's remarks remind us that conscience is always developing a more complete understanding of the complex situations in which we find ourselves.

The Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference manage one of the largest HIV & AIDS interventions in Botswana, South Africa and Swaziland, the epicenter of the HIV & AIDS pandemic.



2 - SACBC AIDS Office responses SACBC AIDS Office and its partner organisations provide accurate information on the Church's teaching on sexuality regarding abstinence before marriage and fidelity within marriage.


Accurate information on the use of condoms as a means of prevention of HIV infection for those engaging in possible unsafe sexual practices is promoted.


People are encouraged to make their own decisions on condom use from the position of an informed conscience.



Sr Alison Munro



Let's keep the infected, the affected, the sick, the sad, the dying, carers and medical professionals in our prayers.

Fr Chris Townsend

Information Officer"

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