Wednesday, 17 November 2010

For our homo(phone)-phobic column for the day: Democrats wanna still repeal law before don't ask don't tell nonsense?

Note by Marc Aupiais

We at SACNS are deeply homo(phone)-phobic- we hate media that sounds the same.

According to France 24 the Demon-crates - mean deomocrats are still trying to repeal "don't ask don't tell" (actually don't ask don't tell just removed questions of sexuality from the military- repealing it would introduce an outright ban on all homosexuals de facto as it exists de jure).

They called it what it is- lame duck- if they try.

Why would this be a bad choice? 1 in five men who have sex with men have HIV/AIDS 44 of one hundred don't know. Besides- women before gays- women aren't allowed to fight for their country? Well then repeal that first!

And what do we base this on- why the position of the US bishop for soldiers of course. We're a bit homophonic ourselves.

Would the world end if homosexuals were allowed? No- but I wouldn't want to be sexually harassed by another man! Which technically makes me "homopho(ne-pho)bic"- the fear of homosexual acts.

Besides- I'm sure Al Qaeda will enjoy a boost in Africa and the rest of the world- where we want your sexual activities kept mum- is all we want- if you want to be bad- tell your spouse- but stop overloading us with unwanted sexual imagery.

Of course there are those who just fear gay men with firearms- but anyone in America can have guns anyway. Terribly sad.

So join us in saying- we want girls with guns- girls before gays!

And for that matter- leave the poor arabs alone. Bad America- where's my stick?

Really the only real reason why banning gays in the military- is that the move firstly sends a message that sex in the public realm is acceptable, and secondly pushes gender theory- and of course affects military effectiveness.

The South African military which accepts all orientation may have an unofficial policy of itself. "Don't ask- please don't ask... I don't want to be beat up!" Which is another reason America should not revoke at least the don't ask part of "Don't ask don't tell!"

That's our homo(phone)-phobic thought of the day!

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