Friday, 5 November 2010

US President leaving for India to sell weapons of war

Note by Marc Aupiais

To add to the story, not only has the Obama administration seemingly done away with efforts at enforceable de-nuclear-ization treaty efforts with Russia. He is in India, the sworn enemy of American ally Pakistan- to sell billions in conventional weaponry.

Among nations which use American military equipment are the likes of Egypt. Most top American military machines are far from restricted to their Nato alliance, including F16 fighter jets, and other weapons easily sold across the globe.

Obama arrives just after US elections where economic conservatives were handed victories over Obama's reckless spending and leftest healthcare legislation. He arrives with an unusually massive state sponsored party of 3 000 (Three Thousand) advisors and close friends, costing an estimated 2 00 000 000 (Two Hundred Million) US Dollars a day. The US Reserve, under the dusk but not lame duck majorities Obama still holds until next year, has launched another stimulus package of about 600 000 000 000 (Six hundred billion) US Dollars, despite little proof that the first two stimulus packages worked, and international observers claiming it the equivalent of a bankrupt man remorgaging their house a third time.

The greatest problem according to the US voters, is that Obama has massively indebted the country to lenders like China, without any visible improvement in the economy, while economies like Germany, which made a conservative response to the crises, are now coming out of them.

Obama is seen as a massive over-spender, and incompetent in finance and economics, with much of his team having quit or being made to leave just two years into his radical far left presidency.

Catholic news services are complaining that Catholic colleges, and universities and hospitals risk closure under laws Barack Obama has pushed through which attempt destroy conscience protection for pro-life and pro-family individuals.

Obama's healthcare legislation opens the door for taxpayer funding for expensive contraceptive measure such as surgery, according to Fox News, which approved of the idea. It also directly mandates funding of abortion. The presidential order asking that this part of the legislation be ignored- according to Catholic legal experts, will not stand up in court.

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