Sunday, 8 August 2010

MTV advert public indecency?

(A legal Listening post: Scripturelink legal-listener)

Short note by Marc Aupiais

It started out with a man appearing making bird-like movements- and tweeting like a bird, while moving in different directions, and wearing a suit. Then another man appears- looking the same as the man does.

The other man's pants (British: trousers) fall down as he commits a homosexual act against the other man. Before the MTV logo appears.

This advertisement for MTV Networks Europe- while undoubtedly filled with homosexual special interests, seems hardly appropriate for television- especially as it portrays sodomy- indecent assault, even if it portrayed ordinary homosexual behaviour- it would still be indecent to air where children may mimic sexually explicit behaviour- especially given the 2007 amendment to criminal law- which in my personal opinion- based on a reading of the amendment- criminalises such as displaying pornography to a minor- whether real or simulated!

If MTV cannot broadcast decent content- as this advertisement was broadcast at around 9 o'clock in the morning today- Saturday- then I suggest that DSTV- stop broadcasting the channel to children.

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