Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Hold the presses

Note by Marc Aupiais editor of SACNS

What to publish is always an interesting thought for media. During the passing of the American health reform I held back one of my own stories, shelved it, never printed.

The story was on Bart Stupak, and a questionable connection with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops- of their odd use of him, to front their views, even when the Republican party had the power to do so. It isn't newsworthy now, but surely must play a role.

I should have presented my hours of research on the man- but, for the sake of a cause- the stifling of the legislation I did not.

It is a lesson I have learnt from. It is also responsible for my new more neutral style of writing- and for the creation of some of our other services- such as evidence gathering SACNS Quote Analysis.

I have finally decided to admit to this- that I did not publish when I should have. It makes for a bad editor- but one who has learnt not to misjudge a situation again.

I am sure the paper trail is still available on the USCCB site (and other sources), in addition to my own evidence for those who have an interest.

I am sorry for not publishing that story. It is my job to report the truth- and while I do shelve some huge stories, for the sake of other stories- I had no valid reason to shelve that.

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