Sunday, 1 August 2010

American Apparel Ad's

Tonight driving home while stuck at a traffic light I happened to turn my head and look directly into a huge billboard ad for American Apparel. I don't shop or have I ever shopped at this store? Actually, till the last week I had never even heard of it.

I was staring at this ad and all I could think about was WOW this woman/girl had one fabulous body ... that's what I thought, it was my only thought, cross my heart. Well that's what went through my mind for the first 30 seconds, till I looked over at my son and asked him if that was the store he wanted to go to, yes was his answer. Hmm, is what was in my mind.

I commented that the woman had a fabulous body didn't she, I'd like to look like that. My son asked me if I was crazy, why would you want to look like that? I said because I thought she was beautiful.

He did not view that ad as beauty but of embarrassment, mind you he is very young, well not that young. But he was adamant he didn't want me looking like that. I said wearing that or looking like that ... he said dunno. In my mind I still felt she was beautiful but the ad sure was sexy and bordering on pornographic. Or was it?

Well, now back to me. This ad was very sexual, it showed no nudity at all. It sure as heck caught my eye so I can imagine any man at that intersection, well their eyes were probably popping out of their head. She was posing in sand and wearing a one piece bathing suit.

I think maybe it was her pose which is what caught my attention, a side view of a woman with an arched back. This ad said sex to me, at my SECOND look, then I thought why, why do I think that, is this right, wrong ... is this sin on the part of what I'm thinking or the part of this model? It sure as heck was provocative and publicly ... but it was also a very beautiful women in a seductive position is all.

I'm so far from being a prude but what are they selling, swimwear, I love swimwear but don't tell me anyone is thinking about her bathing suit in some of these pics. This is like shock sex advertising ... I can't believe I am even saying this but ... how old are these girls exactly? What age group are we selling to and what are we selling?

This marketing is bordering on pornographic images. Or is it what our minds make us think when we view this. I'm unsure about what I seen or how sexy a woman can look before it crosses the line, that sounds so prudish to me.

It seems sex sells everything in our world today as well as "swimwear" at American Apparel or maybe it was "sand" they were selling, I'm not sure.

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