Sunday, 22 August 2010

Italy: Interior Minister's statements against legitimate immigrants on welfare are unacceptable according to the Italian Bishops

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Article by Marc Aupiais

SACNS Quote Analysis:
Italian Bishops oppose throwing out EU immigrants who rely on benefits- Italy
And : Interior Minister from federalist party, not that of Berlusconi - Italy

Italian Interior Minister Roberto Marconi (EuroNews spelling- seems incorrect) (Minister Roberto Maroni), of the Lega Nord Padania federalist party, which is working in coalition with the Popolo della Libertà of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi- has made a statement which has reportedly put him at odds with the official body of Catholic bishops in Italy.  Maroni has called for immigrants in Italy from other European Union (EU) states, who are receiving financial support from the government to survive, during the financial crisis, to be expelled from Italy. The move has upset the Italian Catholic Bishops, according to European service EuroNews, which quotes Giancarlo Perego as representing the Italian Episcopal Conference, to state their criticism of the move, by a minister of Silvio Berlusconi's broad coalition government.

The Catholic Bishops' representative reportedly, has expressed the view, that such a move would cause a societal shift favouring a more nationalist tendency, over one of a more European perspective. The representative stated, seemingly that restricting the movement of Europeans in Europe could have a negative affect on the achievement of a particular vision of the European Union, which the bishops, it seems to be suggested, support.

European citizens are officially welcomed in Italy, which has taken actions against non-European-Union-origin immigrants.

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