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Fw: A Scary Silence: $9,250 Needed in 6 Days

We don't need donations- but a service we often rely on does:

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Subject: A Scary Silence: $9,250 Needed in 6 Days

A Scary Silence: $9,250 Needed in 6 Days

Dear Mr Aupiais,

The appeal I sent out yesterday brought in only $243, the worst response we've ever had.

I'm still hoping that we'll receive critical support over the next few days so we can avoid closing down I assure you that this is not fund-raising jargon. Our current deficit makes it an unfortunate possibility.

If you value what we do, please help us.

Unfortunately, we can't continue unless we can come at least very close to paying all our bills at the end of the month, including all of our salaries: We need $9,250 to do that.

I am asking you to stand with us in our mission of enriching faith, strengthening the Church, and forming Catholic culture. Together we can make a difference to the 2.5 million persons who use around the world.

First, I beg you to pray for our success.

And then I ask you to make whatever contribution you believe God wants you to make.

That's all that matters, really. God will certainly bless you for your generous response to whatever He prompts you to do!


Jeff Mirus
Trinity Communications - Email:

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