Thursday, 14 January 2010

48 Hours and lives at stake in Haiti

I have heard that these early hours after such a disaster are vital.

After Catholic Relief Services, initially feared thousands dead and many affects, the prime minister of Haiti now thinks over 100 000 (ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND) human beings may have died in the tragic catastrophe of the disastrous Haiti quake.

With over 50 years on the ground, hundreds of staffers in Haiti, their building in Port-au-Prince still standing last report I read of it, and having already dedicated 5 million US dollars to the disaster, Catholic Relief Services, who already do disaster work in Haiti, is the group I and others like me are urging those who feel empathy with this terrible event to consider donating to.

Donate here:

Otherwise, the Catholic News Service, whom we do not usually quote for obvious reasons involving faith issues, has what is likely a good list of some other Catholic organizations who are working to aid victims:

Religious groupings are usually the best ones to donate to in these disasters, due to their resources.

We would like to ask that you stop whatever you are doing and pray for the victims of this catastrophe once again. They include the Archbishop of Port-au-Prince and many catholics and religious. The pope also has appealed for aid to these devastated people in what is already the most deeply impoverished nation in the Western and Northern hemispheres.

Thank you for what wonderful good you, our readers and friends have done already in relation to this utter catastrophe. I am sure it is needed and appreciated on the ground.

More on CRS efforts in this disaster:

God bless and thank you, and i ask that you join us in prayer to Saint Philomena, the patron of South African catholic News Service, and to Mary, the mother of the many Christians who died and are dying on Haiti, and to God. Catholic Relief Services aids irrespective of nationality and religion. They have a very good ratio of how much money actually goes to victims of disaster, and I hope you will consider giving a small donation to their cause!

Marc Aupiais,
In Faith, and in hope that you, our friends and reader can help these devastated people.

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