Thursday, 21 January 2010

May my Lord take my life, may he teach me all shame... !

(Journey in a Broken World)

Poem by Marc Aupiais (Copyright Marc Aupiais. All Rights Reserved!)

May My lord take my life, may he teach me my shame
May I dine with the poor, the rich and sinners, be hated by my very own name,

May my lord take my life, may he make me forget,
May he make me neglect every horror, with which I’m beset.

May he choose my wife, and decide on my offspring,
May he torture or bless me, may I treat it the same:

May my Lord take my hope, and drown it in death,
Death to self, as I should mortify by living, by loving beyond all pain,

May my lord take my life, may he look at my sight,
And make me blind to all He does not accept,

May my Lord take my life, and give me to torture,
May I die of hunger, know every thirst, may I be sent to prison for his dear sake!

May my Lord take my life, take every choice,
And worse, be quiet, and force me to choose.

May he take my noise and make it to silence, and when I’m in need,
May He never aid me, ‘cept to teach and heal, to correct,

May my Lord take my hearing, so I cannot hear man,
May he take my clothing so I know cold and shame,

May my Lord teach me humility, there’s heaven to gain,
May I be tortured, in mind, body, soul.

May every evil be practiced against me.

May My Lord take my life, for whatever he choose,

But as it is, I use my hope, my wealth, and my protection,
That I may give him my life- to do with what He will.

That the lord took my life, this I know for sure,
Yet for every friend lost, a thousand more,

For my imprisonment in hades, shall I not gain heaven?
For my cold, I warm the angels, for my lack- my contentment gives me patience,

If I truly gave God my life, perhaps he’d need less-
Less to try me, less to hurt,

For the righteous can take pain in blessings, and joy in pain,

To truly submit, we must renounce all ungodly shame,

I, to be a true Christian, must be more than His name!

May I share his death and his shame...

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