Sunday, 3 January 2010

Some secrets of life and loss, what barbie lost us, an ideal woman?

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Her beauty captures one. The light and dark shift, and shadows do her become. Her beauty, it impresses one, and her attitude does so all the more. It captivates one, as a predator, and prey at once might attract one if it were combined and not shunned.

She's hardly perfect, but tries to be good, whatever her career, she will not fall into it. She thinks life through, and wants children one day.

She values herself, and loves herself, so that she'd not easily be deceived in flattery.

She wears her clothes, and is not their coat hanger, her style is her own, not that of another. Her voice gives words meaning, her face expresses them, as she insures we hear her properly, every attention given to details, of the language we all should grow to not loathe.

Though she hides her face in make-up, it expresses who she is- she is not afraid of her flaws, she understands Creator-God.

She is sophisticated, but has time for others. She is wise, and does not hide it, but nor does she overdo wisdom so as to lose its meaning.

Most of all, she bathes in truth, and sustains herself on righteousness, she is modest through it all, and knows when to speak, and when not to, though she is not overly meek, she voices what she must speak. God matters to her, and she is chaste and sleek.

At least here is a picture from me, of a girl I'd like to meet. Barbie, step aside, we need a different type of sleek. But tell me also, what sort of woman would you want to seek?

I personally find innocent assertiveness extremely neat!

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