Friday, 8 January 2010

Why Russia and China are best friends with Iran over Nukes, Green Revolution!

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Analytical Article by Marc Aupiais

At our service, we often get our best information from sources many have not even heard of. Recently I personally wrote an article on the fact that the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, had erroneously claimed that sanctions would not work against Iran on the Nuclear issue. The interview was carried out by Russia's RT, which almost certainly would tow the Kremlin line. We also noted that CCTV 9, the Chinese English language channel, and RT, both were seemingly taking the side of the Iranian government against the so-called "Green revolution" protestors. Apparently, the "Green" of the revolution refers to Islam, I cannot verify this myself, but a source has claimed this.

It is now that Italian Service, AsiaNews, has perhaps provided a reason for what we had observed, as I carried out what is now regular monitoring of different broadcasters:

"» 01/08/2010 15:54
Russia, China and Iran to forge a new energy axis this year
The Iran-Turkmenistan gas pipeline is inaugurated on 6 January. More are expected to link Russia, Iran and China through Central Asia. Europe appears to be losing the race for Caspian Sea and Central Asian oil and gas; it might end up dependent on Moscow for supplies.

Moscow (AsiaNews/Agencies) – The Dauletabad-Sarakhs-Khangiran pipeline was inaugurated on Wednesday connecting Iran's northern Caspian region with Turkmenistan's vast gas field. Increasingly, Iran is turning to China and Russia not only as buyers of its gas but also as builders of pipelines. Moscow and Beijing are thus making inroads into Central Asia's vast energy reservoir. By contrast, Europe and the United States are still at the discussion stage when it comes to building pipelines towards the West.

(AsiaNews (Italian; Catholic; Independent with Vatican ties) 08 / 01 | January / 2010)

If you want to read the rest of their article, click on the date below the quotation.

While America is attempting to fix relations with every obscure leftist nation, it seems that the East continues to secure its strangle-hold on Europe, as it already has begun on Africa, and on the American economy.

Recently, Russia decided to cut off gas supplies, which reach Europe; Europe already is deeply reliant on Russian gas, and the situation was already a crisis, before these further developments.

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