Monday, 11 January 2010

NOTE ON VISnews 100108

We did receive a VIS dispatch from the Vatican press office on the 8th of this month, however, this same dispatch was not posted to our service due to ill-health. We have decided to abandon publishing it in order to avoid confusion, as we have already published the most recent edition. For those who are concerned to see this missing bulletin, you may easily view it on the Vatican's own website.

As our own postings of their articles have always gotten more visibility in search results, than the Vatican's ones, and as a service to you, we do usually and hope to continue republishing their dispatches. The process is complex, and takes time, especially due to regular programming errors on the Vatican's side, and as the articles have to be rendered viable in "blog" format. Due to the complexities, and our requirement to check, and fix the coding that the Vatican sends out we are not always able to publish their articles. This is as we are a volunteer based though hard to volunteer for service, and as I prefer to go through the complex process myself.

Our articles have been slow lately, I apologize, however, we have been linking to articles on issues on our small twitter, which currently has only 180 following accounts, but which will certainly keep you abreast of anything or almost anything which we are unable to publish in our three-language format to our service.

Hopefully, we will be able to start regular article publishing soon again.

Marc Aupiais

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