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Why you should feel great inquiétude about South African deployments to RD Congo

Note from the EDITOR/AUTHOR (update on the 21 Dec 2013): Shortly after the press conference and with the fresh force in the air being its fiery words, perhaps cowering before the strong backing South Africa afforded the DRC government, M 23 made a rushed retreat. They would certainly soon be defeated by overwhelming physical, vocal, strategic, political, and military uses of extreme force. The once so 'pesky' rebel commanders almost entered into a peace treaty condemned by some as but a statement of the government's grand South African backed prowess. The failure to sign was dismissed as an after thought. The grand rebels were but a whisp... a forgotten memory as other priorities conquered their great terribleness. M 23 has almost disappeared from RD Congo although a massive weapons cache was recently stumbled upon. South African forces remain alert and cautious on the ground. They have turned their gun sights upon other rebel groups and general lawlessness. The differing official and unofficial accounts remain mysteriously unresolved, of the buildup to the press conference. Certainly the events unfolding are a testament to the effectiveness of South African forces, but also of a need for more transparency. It is highly plausible that the South African committment to Congo caused M 23 and their powerful allies to step back at this moment soon forgotten, yet, on the momentous day, marked by a press conference, that would see the beginning of the movement's end.


Over the past few rotations of Planet Earth, I have been raising alarms about actions of the main powers embedded in or about the République démocratique du Congo. Based upon the geopolitical movements at play, I fear either an escalation or rush of movement. Business unusual appears to be at work.

South Africa has designs for 'training' RD Congo servicemen. Similar claims were made when our special forces troops were in fact installed in République centrafricaine, to instil stability upon the ground there. The CAR deployment became a great fiasco as our allies allegedly joined the Islamist lead Seleka rebel militias, and as child soldiers and adult infantrymen charged our positions and overthrew our allies. Christians, and civilians with no affiliation, and the wildlife of that country have suffered deeply due to the coup d'état there, as the coup d'état installed, self appointed new 'leader' of that nation has appealed to Allah to guide his actions, rather than to science and the political manuals many leaders utilise with a bit more success.

Rwanda, which is often accused of being the financier of the Rebel movement, the army deserters known as the M23, (Rwanda) recently claimed that Congo government armaments were utilised by (RD Congo) security forces to bombard the Rwandan border. Rwanda has had a great thirst for intervention in the RD Congo, and many claims have arisen of its land forces accompanying and assisting rebels. The United Nations forces have stated that aucun doute, certainly, they have only and yet every time observed the M23 rebels shelling neighbouring Rwanda.

As I stated, Rwanda was pathologically itching to summons their soldiers and to send these rank and file en masse into the RD Congo to avenge these attacks. Yet, the UN is unambiguous in saying that the attacks were by the very rebellious M23 militia, which Rwanda is accused of covering the expenses of.

It is a common strategy, one which Winston Churchill allegedly desired to utilize to force the Americans into World War II. Pearl Harbour however was a more successful push for the Americans, and a pretty authentic Japanese sneak attack against the nation which sought to cut off their oil supply. In Syria, where a chemical attack which allegedly occurred, while tragic and aimed at spectators supposedly cheering on the Rebel side, some allege that rebels, seeing their gradual loss of territory, determined to assassinate their own civilian partisans to summons American cruise missile cloudbursts.

The RD Congo's minister for communication, said in a firm statement that it was his belief that Rwanda well knew who it was that was blasting munitions into their territory.

It is alleged that South African snipers have assassinated a total of 6 M23 militiamen. It is also alleged that in a few weeks a grand total of 2 South African Rooivalk attack helicopters, will be deployed lethally upon rebels in the RD Congo's east, where South African troops form part of the UN Mandate for the search and destroy mission against the M23 who are also RD Congo army deserters. These are not the claims of randomised rumours or media gossip, but the direct statement of Pikkie Greeff, the national secretary of the South African Defence Union, the organised labour representative of the soldiers fighting under the South African Constitution for the UN in the RD Congo. He made these sniper claims. He shot off about Rooivalk helicopters. Agence France Presse quoted him directly. (Update: The State Attorney has threatened a gag order against the SANDU national secretary, more below the press conference blow by blow.)

As I stated upon receipt of this information: Rooivalk is what the Americans call the Apache helicopter. Their designs are almost identical. Rooivalk is South Africa's terminator craft. The Rooivalk like an A.K. 47, is also requisite of very little maintenance to remain airborne and combatant. Unlike the Apache. And it can make a full 360 degree turn, again, unlike the American craft.

This morning, in response to this wild speculation from people on the ground and representing our great nation, the South African National Defence Force held a press briefing. In essence, the SANDF denied claims of snipers, and indirectly denied that Rooivalk were to be deployed, saying however that the UN had requested three of the terminator craft. They also went into non-serious injuries as they put these, which put South African soldiers in hospital. Subsequent to the press conference, the M23 went into a strategic withdrawal. Either read the blow by blow, and my commentary, or skip to below the press conference.

Chief of Joint Operations, Leutenant General Derrick Mgwebi spoke to the media for the SANDF.

Major issues covered would undoubtedly include claims made by the national secretary of the SANDU noted above: about South African sniper kills and Rooivalk Helicopters, I covered this as I awaited the reports to come in from such media briefing conference:


As a matter of some interest, I chatted with the national secretary of the SANDU on Twitter sometime after I wrote this article. He claimed that M23 overtures to peace after this article going to press, were the acts of keyboard warriors, who were, according to subsequent tweets and retweets by the man in question: covering up a retreat from superior forces from the global press corps.

Either way, a few days ago when I first raised the sirens of warning, there was no press consultation by the SANDF on these matters. The hands of regional players also appear to be acting in the unison of tug of war. A few strategic retreats and talk of peace, may well resemble many a ceasefire suggestion, as a strategic method of buying battlefield superiority via strategic breaks. I don't purchase as yet the concept that the sudden rise in geopolitical antics can be the precedence to peace, rather than the flexing of munitions for the sake of an increased escalation of hostilities. Unless M23 have cold feet for some reason now?

More concern comes from threats to gag the SANDU secretary:

After the event I again appraoched the SANDU secretary for information, I asked: is DRC won? Do our troops need Rooivalk and other notable support? Or is South Africa boarded on train to utter victory? The response was neither here nor there:

The SANDU figure was subsequently sent a letter threatening a gag order on the DRC.

I asked him about this some time afterwards:

So you will continue to fight for the boys in khaki by public releases of information you believe will assist their cause? I requested more information. The reply was again nondescript if anything:

I have not managed to be enlightened as to the exact status of the letter or much else. It seems Pikkie is keeping quiet on that.

RD Congo is also called Democratic Republic of Congo or DRC.
CAR is also called Central African Republic.

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