Sunday, 25 August 2013

Obama and Hollande have 'no doubt' and no proof that Syrian government used chemical weapons!

This article will relate that Obama cannot point the finger at any one man, therefore, how can he be so certain the governments forces and not the Al Qaeda linked rebels are responsible for the attack on the rebel supporting area in Damascus. Especially given a penchant Al Qaeda and her allies have for the use of women and children as human shields and as suicide bombers. Britain allegedly attempted something similar to involve America in World War Two, allegedly it decided on attacking an American military target under the guise of the Germans. It is not unusual as a military strategy, especially as rebels are losing, and as Obama has consistently said he would give them all the desert storm shock and awe support they need, just as long as there is a good enough report of a GOVERNMENT CHEMICAL WEAPONS ATTACK ON CIVILIANS OF COURSE.

However, why were the Syrian government not better prepared when they were accused of using what is classified as an illegal weapon of mass destruction, of which America consistently warned of a red line? It seems the government firstly needed to investigate the claims before they even admitted that it seems the obvious attack appeared to have occurred and against the civilians? Is this the behaviour of a practised war criminal?

The government says they invaded rebel tunnels and found both anti-dote and agents for Sarin Nerve Gas. Are the Al Qaeda supporting 'Human Rights Activists', who openly admit their links to rebels the source of the golden breath of God, which put matters beyond dispute? Are the Syrian government troops monsters who massacre their own friends and relatives and then find rebel held areas having the gas?

Did Al Qaeda not previously get caught in Iraq planning just such an attack, with toy aircraft transformed into Aerial combat drones specifically to distribute chemical weapons over Syria?

But Obama has his red line. He cannot even allege the name of a perpetrator, but he can say with certainty that the government is responsible? When the attack was of no strategic value to the government, when rebels had everything to gain from it? When the same organisation which willingly kills Muslims, Christians, enemies and supporters of its cause alike, across the world, are openly fighting with the rebels, and quickly took to Twitter quite soon after the tragedy to utilise their newest strong propaganda.

Neither Obama not Hollande, nor much of Western Media have mentioned the wiping out of whole Christian villages by Western backed rebels. They have also not emphasized the genocidal sectarian and ethnic cleansing nature of the war, or the purposive enforcement of harsh Sharia councils on the populace under the rebels. America attacked Iraq over alleged weapons of mass distruction, following which they said they had been tricked by an enemy of the state into striking. Interviews with the man have him as quite pleased with himself.

America invaded Afghanistan for harbouring Al Qaeda, but now American funding, weapons (whether from America or others, American artillery is used by Al Qaeda-linked rebels) and support are assisting this powerhouse of terrorism. Just as America once supported Al Qaeda in Chechnya against Russia, and in Afghanistan via the ISS.

Let us start with the media we rely on. They says that many Syrians have pitched up at hospitals with symptoms of Sarin gas poisoning, and are being treated for this, while others have died?

Symptoms are patient complaints, the original reports were in French and should have been translated as signs of Sarin gas poisoning if indeed there was any. We rely on a media which didn't consult a single pathologist prior going to press, but weakly translated claims from French media, which came from a French press release by Médecins Sans Frontières, which granted carries weight. The same group has an English version of the article also using the misnomer 'symptoms', but symptoms are simply complaints. In that case it might as well be a survey, and most signs of Sarin gas poisoning are in fact quite readily available. Whether it is the doctors who don't know basic medical terminology or the media who don't care to write more than an impressive headline, this can only be bad journalism.

As I reported before most of these media, many have died and others are being treated for this. But it is an important lapse to use the wrong medical term without questioning it. Furthermore, is it only Sarin gas which gives the symptoms? What additional tests are being done? Can rebel spies allegedly bringing tissue samples out of Damascus be trusted by Western Powers? Can we trust the word of these Western Powers?

Did not America just recently close all its embassies in many countries due to a threat that never materialised?

The same Obama who claims certainty of Syrian government involvement cannot tell us who in the Syrian government is the guilty party, this same Obama who keeps goat herders in Guantanamo bay because he does not have the evidence to try them but feels so certain that they must be terrorists. The Obama who has as head of the National Security Agency, the man who oversaw Abu Graib prison when Americans committed human rights abuses there, abuses which seemingly got that man promoted to the highest rank in the American military.

Western Media did not report a lot on the prevalent ethnic cleansing rhetoric of Libyan rebels, who fought not to oust the leader of that nation but to kill Sub-Saharan African migrants, migrants who were denied refuge by the Red Cross and Red Crescent society in Libya when they fled lynchings. Libya is now an Al Qaeda launching base, as is once Al Qaeda enemy Iraq, as is Somalia, which was thrown into disarray many years ago with American intervention, and where America fights to uphold an undemocratic government on the pretext of fighting Islamists, the same Islamists it considers human rights freedom fighters if they hop across to Syria, or to Egypt.

But yes, let us rely on the word of Barack Obama who won the Nobel Peace Prize for promising to close Guantanamo Bay but still hasn't. Let us rely on William Hague and the British Government which slammed Russia for fighting Geogia to prevent Ethnic Cleansing, and then hollowly said after all was clear that in any case Russia had no right to invade another country for any reason.

Let us forget the fact that the violating of Syria's sovereignty cannot be justified without Security Council approval, no matter how convinced Barack Obama is of the very things which could allow him another shock and awe made for television war to garner votes for his political party and a legacy for his children.

To war they march they march, ordered there by television cameras and media that care more for sensation than truth, and call rebel sympathisers activists, rather than rebel sympathisers.

To war the Western Warrior States March, like the city states of Greece, they approach troy, in their grand armarda, ready to rape and pillage or to stand by as it happens. To war they march but Obama is not sacrificing his daughter for good winds, not at all, he sacrifices the lives of Christians and Shia, why not, indeed, he thinks?

To War, to sacrifice human beings as blood libations to the war god Democracy, who is hungry again for human blood. In Iraq, as American placed sacrifices, hundreds of thousands have died, in Afghanistan and Pakistan, American wars boil over. In Somalia, there is a failed state. To war though and should the heavens fall, so be it, for the television it makes is beautiful, and people love to watch suffering and the destruction of those evil monsters, no matter who dies to please the spectacle of the television screen. Television news is the modern Colosseum, where all is but a game and good and bad disappear. Where 'right' and 'wrong' are bestowed by Emperors of imperialism, for the sake of pleasing the rabid crowd. All spurred on by The Tweeting Yahoo spectators of the spectacle. And damned be the civilians and Christians then. Damned be world security, because Obama is certain that Al Qaeda and her Islamist militant allies could not possibly have killed their supporters to summon him like a demon, to wipe their enemies from the map.

To wipe out ther enemies of Al Qaeda, just as he promised he would... if only that scintillating red line could be declared as being crossed. Who cared then? Perhaps, those who care are those in whose blood Obama draws the line? Do any media cameras bother? As long as the man-eating God democracy is satisfied?

Syria has decided to let chemical weapons inspectors into the area now. So much to lose, so much to win. The approach didn't help Iraq of course. The weapons inspectors were demonised by George Bush. And by international press. Already there is chatter among the merciless Western voices, saying that maybe the evidence they need not, will be destroyed due to the long wait.

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