Sunday, 4 August 2013

Disastrous deluges disrupt in distant lands of Asia

Extract from the writer's sketch book of Marc Evan Aupiais dated Fourth August 2013.

Today the deluges of water tragically striking Asia Minor and the Indian Subcontinent struck at my inner thoughts.

Each nation deployed their own armed forces after the activity of saving the temporary existence of their respective peoples.

Disastrously dangerous deluges poured down the deceptive diabolic waves of powerful water upon the peoples of Asia. Flooding threatened the livelihoods and yet also the lives of the human libations demanded by that temporal deity, nature.

Stately soldiers suffered stiffening weather, battled to weather worsening worse weather to serve the sparing of the temporary human salvation of their lieges, the civilian citizens of their plurality of pauper pariah juntas and powerful populous powerhouses.

Relocated by the grace of man as God Himself reigned down terrible tearful tear-drops on the diabolic and the martyrous saintly. That is, he rained (intentional) as a monarchy, reigning upon the distasteful kingdom that is distantly still man.

And powerfully did this God act to save both breath and business affairs, skilfully of, through man.

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