Friday, 6 September 2013

The world eyes Syria at G20, divided over the destiny of the itself cleaved in two nation, which is in state of ruin.

This article contains a work of art, and with it, its explanation by myself, the artist, which I believe describes current puzzles occuring at the G20 as the world fights and jests and blames itself, divided by a war-dissected state, in the state of civil war.

The first glance, might conjure images of a crying eye and a black eye. Then of a watering eye and an angry eye. Yet, it is the glasses upon the eyes which are so. Perhaps the S means that the world is divided, the planet making up many worlds, yet it is also the direction of the compus, a compus where South is true North and North is True South, where East is West, and West is East.

Syria is at the bottom left, almost unnoticed, covered in a red stream, a red smudge.

The smudge, is a river of blood, and between the river of blood and the clock is a red cross, symbolising humanitarianism, the mass massacre of Christians, and the mass grave of a hundred thousand people of all creeds and ethnicities. The cross, is also a symbol of the punishment of offenders against the once Roman state, the great empire of imperialism. And the cross shows the central role of religion in the Middle East. The Syrian Civil War is between Sunni Islamists who believe in a Sharia state, and secular Shia, and Christians who desire a diversity of minorities, and oppose the Sunni concept of a a central Sharia. The west, strangely, is on the side of those who desire a Sharia state, while the east support the secular forces. The pocket watch or stop watch demonstrates another meaning to the world watching. The clock is bleeding blood, Syria, faces time running out. And Bleeding into the chronograph is the West, which causes it to bleed all the more, forming a red line drawn over blood and using blood. The letters also, are not one colour, but many hues, and the splodges about are divisions. Closest to Syria are the East and the North, its geographic position in relation to global powers. Further afield are the South and the West.

All the compass indicators are reversed. And most affected, it seems are those furthest away from Syria. West and North are drawn in red, for blood. East and South are drawn in water. Blood is thicker than water, yet blood which is life is also death. This represents the geo-political landscape. One where America has strong bonds with opposition fighters, most of which belong to the Al Qaeda ('The Base') movement of alliances, the same groupings which bombed America in 2001. South and East traditionally ally, as do North and West.

Finally, it is as though the watcher watches from a mirror, hanging upside down.

The fog of the battlefield obscures fragile emotions.

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