Sunday, August 12, 2012

'No Foul Play Suspected' : Police claim white Zimbabwean Journalist may have committed Suicide, Government media quick to claim assassination unlikely.


From her noted book, "Dinner with Mugabe", to her "The Struggle: A History of the African National Congress", and "The Colour of Murder", Zimbabwean, white, Journalist and Political author: Heidi Holland, died at age 64 in her Melville home, in a final act of some little controversy. While for some, raising concern, the Government Controlled: South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has been quick to rule out foul play. The cause of death is not noted, only that the journalist was found by her gardener. Police are currently investigating the death of the journalist.

The journalist certainly gave some people reason to suspect murder in her recent death, likely within the last few days.Writing for the Sunday Times, International Herald and Tribune, The New York Times, the Telegraph, and South African Paper: The Johannesburg Star, the deceased, is not someone the South African government wants to be reported as murdered. The body of the deceased, was found Yesterday.

The SABC noted that Katlego Mogale of the police, said foul play was not at present suspected.

SAPA, tells a slightly different story:

'Journalist and author Heidi Holland was found dead in her home on Saturday, the result of a possible suicide, Gauteng police said.

Lt Col Katlego Mogale said the body of Holland, 64, was found by her gardener at 10.10am at her home in Melville.

The gardener called police to the scene. Mogale said nothing was found to be stolen or missing.'
Independent Newspapers | 'Heidi Holland found dead' by SAPA at  August 12 2012 at 09:15am

South African Government Press: says it is unlikely Zimbabwean Journalist was assassinated! She is known to have written extensively on Robert Mugabe.

A cause of death was not noted.
SABC - No foul play suspected in death of journalist:Sunday 12 August 2012 »
Police are investigating the death of journalist and author Heidi Holland. A gardener found 64-year-old Holland's body at her home in Johannesburg's Melville suburb yesterday.

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