Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Clothing: I agree fully. Target is disgusting! As are all who exploit little girls!


I agree fully. Target is disgusting! As are all who exploit little girls!

'ANA AMINI FACEBOOK POST: Dear Target, Could you possibly make a range of clothing for girls 7-14 years that doesn't make them look like tramps? You have lost me as a customer when buying apparel for my daughter as I don't want her thinking shorts up her backside are the norm or fashionable.''
ABC originally shared this post:
A complaint about clothing for young girls has sparked a social media backlash against Target.

Journalist Emily Bourke spoke to Target's corporate affairs general manager Lynn Semjaniv about the customer complaint that has reportedly attracted tens of thousands of "likes" and thousands of other spirited comments.

Do you find the kids clothes in Target 'trampy'? And do you think it is the department store's responsibility to stock appropriate clothing for young girls?
The World Today - Facebook targets retailer over tramp complaint 14/08/2012 »
Discount department store Target is in damage control after an outraged customer took to social media to complain about the range of girls clothing stocked by the retail giant The complaint on Targe

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