Friday, August 10, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg allows traffic to be disrupted for free sex toy (vibrator) give-away ...


No rest for the wicked it seems. A condom company brought New York traffic to a halt, in order to give away free women's sex toys in an advertising ploy. At first, interestingly, it was without any proper documentation.

So... Were they  deeply punished like rabid soft drink sellers? No!

A bit of paperwork by the mayor's office, and the sex toy give-away, paid for in delays to drivers' busy and economically hoped for schedules, got a second go-ahead.

Talk about a few bad apples! I wonder if a bible pamphlet give-away would get the same right to disrupt traffic? Do they have those in New York?

Mayor Bloomberg allows traffic to be disrupted for free sex toy (vibrator) give-away by condom company. No giant soft drinks allowed though;)!~ Too much sugar is just too immoral to be tolerated, by Bloomberg... unless it's sugar of a different... variety;)!~!
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