Friday, August 24, 2012

Anders Breivik to serve a maximum 3.27 months in jail per mass murder victim!


Sane means legally accountable... and Breivik is. Arguments of insanity fell on deaf ears in Norway, as the killer of 77 people was sentenced to TWENTY ONE years in prison. Norwegian tabloids, speculate that like Hitler, he won't serve the full time, they expect him released by 2022, having just served TEN years for killing 77 people including children.

10 / 77 = 0.12987012987
21 / 77 = 0.27272727272

The Breivik case was a political, racially charged killing, even though Norwegians were his victims of choice to distribute a manifesto in blood.. In a similar killing in South Africa, a black man was sentenced this week to a life sentence plus 17 years in prison for the killing of one white man, an Afrikaaner supremacist who he alleged threatened his own life. Maximum Breivik will serve about 3 months in jail per killing. Compare that to a life sentence plus 17 years. I think the second is by far more just than the first, which really is a slap on the wrist!

Anders Breivik is Perfectly sane... no really... the court said so... off to jail for 21 years, well at least ten years... what's 10 divided by Seventy SEVEN... just a thought!
Anders Breivik verdict: live - Telegraph »
Anders Behring Breivik has been declared sane, and faces 21 years in prison for killing 77 people in twin attacks in Oslo and Utoya, a Norwegian court has judged. Live coverage.

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