Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Why South Africa made the MORAL choice in refusing a VISA to the Dalai Lama

Editorial by Marc Aupiais

The blood thirsty media couldn't help but publicise the statements. "Worse than the Nationalists". This was the defamation Anglican retired archbishop Desmond Tutu uttered with such wrath.

He was referring to the decision to refuse the Dalai Lama a visa to visit him.

To give background, Tutu's autobiography of sorts is called "Rabble Rouser for peace", in it he pitches himself as some kind of vigil ante, and of course cannot help but dedicating much to his belief that homosexuals obey God by having homosexual sex, and other attacks on marriage. Tutu, aptly named, also called for South Africa to break International Law, and fight and invade Zimbabwe, in addition to asking that every white South African pan extra tax in collective scape goating for Apartheid.

The Dalai Lama, so often portrayed as peaceful by the Nobel committee (set up originally by the inventor of dynamite) of some or other European government, in fact has often supported acts of war. While the Vatican lamented the summary execution without trial, in front of a minor child of Osama Bin Laden, the Dalai Lama had to be held back from clapping, making very public his approval of a human rights and humanitarian and international law abuse.

China invests billions in our economy, and our Deputy President was in China attempting to get more export rights into their markets and the investment the west denies our nation.

At this time, Mr Tutu, who lied in saying he'd fade from public life a few years past, decided to invite the separatist who's been living comfortably in India for years, to come for a visit.

The visit would have cost billions of Rands to the economy and hundreds of thousands in jobs. Our economy already shed a Million or round about last year.

The lives of millions, the livelihood of these, is far more important than a political statement in support of a few people and their "deity incarnate" leader of faith. A man who really is more political than spiritual, and so deeply wants his own name engraved as to insist that after his death, there be no more Dalai Lama's, only an ordinary government among his separatists.

Only a short while ago, the west slammed Russia for attacking Al Qaeda in some of their provinces, now they are alleged heros for these same acts.

America is letting their population and world influence decline significantly, and uses their foreign policy to bully into place population decline and its lever, "gay marriage" across the world. Europe also bullies likewise. No one mentions these. But when an enemy of our major ally and trade partner and investor and creditor China, with so much power to harm us: is invited by not our government, but a man who sees himself as a mob inciting superhero: we are to betray the hundred of thousands of South Africans for their livelihoods, to help a man living comfortably in India?

France made the mistake, as did America, of inviting the Lama over. Both economies were tragically hit by the loss of exports to China. Obama may even have caused their second US recession by this teenage choice.

Jobs are more important than hopeless causes of separatists! If you disagree, ask those who lose their jobs in countries like America- for attempts to be frankly rude to another nation!

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