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The Eternity Effect

Article by Marc Evan Aupiais

I recently published my second Novel (this has a Catholic basis): tell me what you think:


The Eternity Effect [The Original Unabridged, Unedited version] (The Adventures In Farnar and Other Lands) by Marc Evan Aupiais has recently been published.

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Gripping, thrilling, but sometimes controversial novel by Marc Aupiais of the Third Instinct: When Sidney Wolf is Accused of Murder!

A fast paced, gripping can't put down novel with religious and cultural undertones, in which the author intentionally seems to have made some spelling errors! Some passages are controversial due to how close to human history they stray.

An advanced use, and mastery of the English language, unexpected, as Marc Aupiais ("The Third Instinct: When Sidney Wolf is Accused of Murder") wrote this book at age 16. This original published, spelling errors intact, but also far in excess in relation to suspense, language use, style, than that of what many authors could hope to write!

Knowing Marc Aupiais, it certainly is not for controversial purposes, but parts of this novel are a bit too close to Christian beliefs, for every Christian to feel comfortable. For instance, the Trial of the Lion, in which the proceedings are similar to those in the Gospel!

Product Description

When Anne's world is destroyed by the Deity, "The Divine Lion", She is sent to Earth, and then to Farnar, to find love, and through the death of perfect sacrifice, Save her world from destruction. She goes first to earth to find love, and brings the Earth People to Farnar, using the Pseudonym Alice Wonderland, In Farnar she is a foreigner, and some think a witch, ... a war breaks out... Which could kill both Alice Wonderland, and her new Earth Human Companions... Kindle ebook description: read at: The Eternity Effect (The Adventures In Farnar and Other Lands) [Kindle Edition] Marc Evan Aupiais (Author) ;

{The Eternity Effect by M. E. (Marc Evan) / Marc Aupiais is the first novel in the Series "The Adventures in Farnar and Other Lands": Note, this is the version of the book written as the author intended it, including poetic spellings, even seeming errors and arcanum at times. At the time this was published, a different version of the manuscript was being worked through! Which differs at times from the author's intent!

The book is supposed to reflect how one would read an actual, translated ancient manuscript including errors, much as the bible, and many ancient works had many spelling errors in publication, even many variations.

The original concept of the author was to comment on human history, even portray very close to it, and its many ancient manuscripts at times, with the intent of creating perspective of these. Humanity's manuscripts for the great religions, for instance often refer to wind or breath, when referring to God or the spiritual, and if wolves were higher beings such as human beings, the phrase wolfs would exist.

There is no direct copying of any ancient manuscript, however at times events are purposely close to those of human history: this is intended to note details afresh, even compare ancient ideas of nationality, causing so much unnecessary strife to modern ideas on foreigners in many cultures, to cause a reader to think, deeply on these, sometimes mysterious or unexplained or unexplainable events. The different nations of Farnar and the groups are not meant to reflect any one culture in a negative sense, but rather ideas of human history and especially at the present time.
The Author has dedicated much of his time in study, of history, often with the intent of better describing it in unusual ways. He has decided that this unabridged unedited version of his work be published, that his original intent may be noted, while working on a more refined version that loses some of the intent!

The author is a South African, Caucasian, and strongly Roman Catholic, however, he is well known for curiosity in study of cultures, and religions across the world; and both the Literals and The Wolves of Farnar are not only based on human history, but on modern culture and conflicts, especially as regards superstition that has caused many unfortunate witch killings and trials in Africa, and violence against foreigners, minorities, and tribal groups: sometimes both for political gain with unfortunate consequences.

The novel certainly makes commentary on ancient Judah and Ancient Israel, and on Eastern and Western, European and African cultures, nations and regions in modern times ;

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