Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The politics of left and their opponents the morally right

Editorial by Marc Evan Aupiais

One cannot escape it on Twitter or in the American Media, "Occupy Wall Street" for one: people with no fashion sense and likely smelling foul, marching through New York City, and camping like illegal immigrants on the farm that is Wall Street.

They wear that American Symbol: the Halloween mask, and say they want to eat people. Not very nice.

Of course, unlike the civilised Republican Tea Party, the American Left Wing Media consider their presence legitimate: asking for universal debt relief and other communist ideas which Communist China, America's major creditor I assure, will never permit.

It reminds me of the "Gay Pride" parades where each contestant for most immoral tries to be more extravagantly horrendously unnatural than the rest. Carrying whips, treating people as dogs, dressing in outrageous teapot outfits. That any sensible woman or man would never wear.

It reminded me of Solidarity, the Catholic Workers Union, that overthrew communism: and how unlike these, they marched silently and were well behaved! As with seemingly all Traditional European Christian Values protesters across the world, all these seem to be so.

I know who is good and bad by who they oppose. I know what is good and bad by its opposition. Often enough.

What type of person protests for left wing agendas, are these those we want to obey?

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