Tuesday, 28 July 2009

What is traditional marriage- article possibly on the way!

Notation By Marc Aupiais

A recent article on our service got an interesting response. We have been attempting to give secular responses to proposed legislation in a specific country: legislation which the Catholic doctrine and dogma would consider immoral.

In our article we attempted to emphasise the value of secular- western traditional marriage- something so much less than sacramental marriage- but still so important in what it does.

The interesting comment we received- was that in many societies- the concept of traditional marriage is no longer something which is accurately spoken of- and may well not be understood by many readers, especially in their surroundings.

We therefore are looking into whether or not one of our correspondents, perhaps even myself- should write one or more articles about marriage- we might possibly even attempt to do so via responses to different articles.

Please do continue to contact us with your requests and thoughts and comments- these help shape our service- to a useful degree!

Marc Aupiais

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