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Americas: Caribbean: Honduras: Honduras' Catholic Church supports new government

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Article by Marc Aupiais

British News Agency, Reuters: reports, that Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, and the Catholic Church, in Honduras, have seemingly given their open support to Roberto Micheletti's government, the man voted in as new president by the Nation's congress.

Nearby superpower, the United States of America, has named the military supported transfer of power a coup, while the former president alleged that he was kidnapped. Supporters of the new government, including the Caribbean country's Supreme Court, and Catholic Bishops: claim that the former president had disrespected the laws of the country, and that while the transfer of power involved the military, that it is a lawful and legitimate transfer of power. They claim, that the former president wanted to illegitimately alter the constitution of the country, to gain another term in office.

The Catholic Church in Honduras, which has had a shaky relationship with left leaning: former President Manuel Zelaya (elected for a non-renewable term in office in 2005), has noted that the "coup" occurred in accordance with a court order, to the effect of legitimizing the removing of Zelaya from power, and claims that its position is in fact, out of respect of Honduran law, which it claims Zelaya has broken.

The Catholic Church claims that it did not support the exiling of Zelaya, but does not support his return to the country. Some, including a Jesuit priest and radio personalityIsmael Moreno who was publicly critical of the choice: had seemingly hoped that the role of mediator, taken up by Costa Rican President Oscar Arias, would be assumed by the Church. The Church's previous position, had been perceived by some as hinting at this. It now- claims to remain neutral, but respectful of the law. The law, being in its view: on the side of the new government.

This view, that the military was acting subject to Honduran law, has also been publicized by the Honduran Supreme Court, which claims that the military action, was lawful, and that the former president, had been planning to violate the law, via a referendum, about whether or not a president, such as Zelaya: could run for another term.

Zelaya, previously seen as a moderate, has been accused of attempting to institute a Chavez (Venezuelan President) style "socialist" scheme in Honduras, as well, as of attempting to extend his term in office. Venezuela, and others affiliated with socialism, have condemned the changeover of power in Honduras. Zelaya, is seen as close to Chavez, who has been accused of allowing Human Rights abuses against Catholics in his country.

The Catholic church, in Honduras, is both powerful, and political. It is reportedly the most trusted institution in the country. The Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, had at one stage been placed in charge of a commission governing the police. This despite the Aquinisian notation: that the priest must not carry the sword.

Zelaya, is a known advocate of abortion, and has been accused by the Catholic church in his country, of being a dictator.

The change of power in Honduras has been explicitly condemned by left leaning United States of America president: Barack Obama, as well as officials, in a number of other nations. The Organization of American States, had particularly attacked the new government. Chavez ally: suspended priest and former Sandinista leader Miguel D'Escoto Brockmann, controversial president of U.N. (United Nations) General Assembly since September 2008, has also condemned the takeover.

The Catholic church in the country, publicly states that the takeover was legitimate, and claims that the takeover was in accordance with a court orderZelaya, who claims that the referendum was more of a poll, than a ballot- faces arrest, should he return to the country.

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