Sunday, 12 July 2009

The meaning of "life" and "life alike"

(Journey in a Broken World) c.f. also in French Translation Le sens de la "vie" et "la vie même"

Article by Marc Aupiais

Ever tried to find a celebrity on facebook? Odd... Isn't it- how easily one finds a fraud!

It is just as hard to find any genuinely helpful book in the spirituality or religion section of a bookstore, or a genuinely religious bookstore for that manner. I have seen a soul lost due to a book I lent a person, from a trusted Catholic bookstore. A book which should never have been sold or published.

In reality, it is common to find people using another's reputation to profit, which is what those abusing religion, or shouting to the heavens from various valid causes can well do.

Jesus warns against this, in the first commandment, and yet; there is the utmost danger of ignoring the true person, of letting the liars, frauds and enemies prevent one from connecting with a real person. Evil is lack, so that a good man, who is ill equipped, is in a way physically evil. Those who usurp another's assigned place, can also be evil: as the good they do is less that the other is meant to, and would be doing!

This desire to use another's name is common in organizations for the common good: which uplift nobodies, with no intelligence, a rabid desperation and infinite self serving needs: to high rank: simply out of perceptions of need. In fact, such organizations attract these people.

And it is there that good and evil can tear each other apart as beasts do: but only should there be good, only should some individual take a stand.

It is therefore not surprising that the same can happen in the assigned Church.

This sinful reality- It is a just justification, and reason for just celibacy and poverty vows. Priests, Religious; these official servants must live as Christ did, least we see them as liars, as thieves and as Simonry's children.

It is their task to channel Christ; for which they must gradually lose their own need to be important: and in the place of this need, determine to become important: but below Christ as a factor of truth!

So, what is this deceptive vice which causes one to pretend, without true, just justification: to be what they are not? I say ... it is the depth of all evil: the original sin, which happened before pride, or in the pride of the first sinners, and is at the depths of the essence of pride.

We all desire meaning, purpose. It is common to all men, all mankind; to want to be important, even vital.

The sin is abusing that which is important for our own desperate desires and fears, and greed.

Let us not neglect that the situation is always desperate. We will always have the poor, weak, abused; until Christ comes again. The All Encompassing Church too, for thousands of years: has been infiltrated, with weeds among the good crop. Our enemies so often using the same trick as the Snake, that vile Serpent whom we read of in the story of Adam and his wife -Eve.

Evil uses the reputation of Good, the appearance of importance to do what benefits it and no one else; and deep inside, this aids -not even itself.

Should the whole Hierarchy fail, and fall into the depths of the currents of decay, death, sin and ruin: do not forget that the Sacraments and the Tradition of the Rock, and the Magisteriam will not fall.

As with the Old Testament truth bearing devices: or as Saul spoke truth of the Second Israeli human king, so the Magisteriam stays strong, should vile men call it to judge, or should good men invoke the procedures.

But know that to be important, good, vital, or needed; one must stare into the hallowed and fearful depths, to cleanse the soul and conscience with wise, connecting intuition: and become good.

Evil is lack, and disproportion. Good is proportion and fullness. To be good, is to be full, or fuller and seeking more. In our dark times, with bishops, perhaps cardinals, entire nations, and so many turning from their posts: their right level, their right place: to be good is the most important gift you have. Even unseen good affects all, and prayer is only one of the many ways we spiritually affect the world. Our every action is a prayer, a request ... To good or evil.

Even our inners speak, and venerate one or other!

To become good, we must stay in our proper place, we must train the soul, and spread the gospel. We must note how important personal responsibility is to Christ: that he command us to help ourselves before others.

Indeed ...he does not forbid us to take the deathly splinter out of our enemy's eye: rather; he demands that we firstly care for our own soul, before any other; least our judgement be wrong and evil!

It is why he speaks of the log and splinter when speaking of judgement. How can we save, if we are ourselves blinded. No, then we as blind men would lead others into the chasm of hades and hell. We must remove that log from our eye; and then we can remove others' afflictions. To be good is to continuously strive even unto, even past every death to better your connection with the Intuitive Truth, which is, and which leads via the magisteriam, and to and in God! For that truth seeks life, and not death; even if it means dying in the quest!

For we should never perform evil that good may occur. In those times, to do evil is to pray to evil. Good is never wrong nor bad. It is always practical: even if it takes more wisdom or energy or less. To do evil, is to lose sight of the gospel. We all have done evil in small portions, and yet; this was surely of doubt, despair and distrust of God, that we betrayed him!

Let us never move our gaze from Christ... Least the water surround us in a drowing death!

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