Monday, 27 July 2009

The compass of Your own very own life!

Article by Marc Aupiais

We often hear of death, and of those things which destroy lives. We often hear of bad influences- and of dangerous situations. When we hear of these- it is often is a neutral- or hurt tone.

The reason God forbids sin- is that the human soul is made of truth. Our being's skeleton- our life is a structure made of truth. It is why we call our soul wise- reasoned. The truth vibrates as wisdom- this is the form the structure of truth takes. Yet, when we turn to lies, or allow ourselves to turn into fools- our soul becomes damaged- so that if we died- we may never recover our fuller soul.

People in an egg race walk differently- as with those carrying something fragile, or a near fill glass of water. Your soul is the source of your personal life- through connecting your being to God. It is special, unique. Worth walking in a manner others don't.

Yet, in this modern era- we cannot rely any longer on our society- our fellows: or those who are tasked to save our beings- in order to find the way to God.

For this reason- Lumen Gentium XVI becomes utterly important. God will judge us each individually- and by the same standard.

Did we seek the deeper truth? Did we seek to obey it? Seeing the truth about God- what you sensed of the Gospel, of the Reality of our being- did you accept and eat of it? Did you crave it or persevere in seeking truth? Or perhaps those other aspects of conscience and intuitive truth- which cause our seeking of God and our craving for an existence of truth and ethical existence!

The reason we must become Catholics, and true- obediently moral, ethical, reverent Catholics- is because the Church is part of the gospel truth- and we must eat of the truth to sustain the soul.

This is why sacraments are so utterly powerful- they are dispensations of the necessary Truth- of the Divine Truth we call grace- which sustains a man.

It is also why prayers to saints are so powerful, and why righteous prayers are answered- why good men are heard by God first. They are more true in their lifestyle- their souls' connection with God are stronger- more healthy.

In this life of ours- our conscience- the presence which softly prompts like a soft- deep intuitive truth- is our compass- as our inner intuition is a dynamic compass, and so much more.

By our conscience we are judged- its testimony is heard, even like the loudest of noise- in heaven- and it creates a hurt inside when we sin. It will not hesitate to note it if we know the truth and refuse to eat of it- to live of it.

We who have conscience cannot purely blame another. Those who have harmed our ability to obey God have committed the gravest of sins- and they too will face their conscience- and the will of God. But you individually need to care for you.

This is why Jesus wisely says- take the log out of your own eye before tending to the splinter in your brother's eye. You must save yourself first- and care for your own soul first- if you ever want to safely save another.

The first step in spreading the gospel is becoming truth. Then too- you must care for your neighbour who is in your care. The priest is a doctor- the sacraments his equipment. Still- if you have been given a soul to care about- you must see the soul through to heaven- in a firm, patient- Godly manner.

Personal responsibility is the most important thing- should you desire to enter God's House, when your last breath has left!

Prayer- is a vital truth, but to conscience- to intuitive truth- be true. The man's inner being is truth. In it we judge truth from falseness.

We are saved in sacraments and by and in truth. Faith- hope- love- none exist in any true, good way in relation to God without Truth. God is Truth. Literally!

This is why we must discern within our being- and turn ourselves entirely into God's service, in our everyday existence and hopes.

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