Monday, 27 July 2009

Concern over domestic partnerships bill

Concerns raised by the Editor of South African Catholic

We at South African Catholic- would like to raise serious concern over proposed legislation- recognising cohabitation sexual partners in South Africa. Adhering to the clear Catholic belief that the Family is the most basic structure of a civilised society- we would like to express our concern- that a society already damaged by the impact Apartheid had on the family: and thereby on the South African Nation- could be further damaged and hurt by the giving of what Catholic Doctrine would consider: as even further recognition to extra-"marital" relationships- in a manner involving legal consequences- should these be broken off.

We would further like to note serious opposition to the proposition of some- that a person in a civil marriage should be allowed to enter into such Domestic Partnership- with a person not their spouse- thereby incurring the maintenance requirements to their domestic partner- associated with the proposed bill.

We believe such suggestion could be prejudiced against the position of the other spouse in a marital relationship, and could destroy relations, and the good health and position of valid children- within said marriage.

South African Catholic firmly believes that it is foundational to any long lasting, successful society- to have lifelong marriage between one man and one woman- exclusive of all other persons so far as marital relations are concerned- and with the aim, or possibility of raising good children at its core- as a central and over-riding influence in society!

It is our firm belief that the basis of secure families- are a foundation to saving our nation from the corruption and deterioration that have so often surfaced. We encourage our government and the South African people- to once again realise the tremendous value to the nation- of traditional- historic, western marriage.

We are deeply opposed to the proposed legislation- believing that it will not improve the lot of those persons engaged in these extra-marital activities.

Marriage is so binding- and so protected in our past and our history- precisely because of the impact which this has- on spouses, on families, on children- on society, and values- and ethics in a society. We would like the government to consider the real effect of marriage- as well as the effect, which the interventions with family life- on the family by the Apartheid government continue to have upon our society even today!

God bless,

Marc Aupiais

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