Monday 19 May 2014

The Sudanese Woman sentenced to death over the faith of her father

Her father left in her early youth. Sharia law demanded that her father's religion hold firm along the family line. She was to be Muslim whatever she believed. Her orthodox Christian mother brought her up believing in Jesus Christ. None the less, under Sudanese Sharia based law, she was a Muslim. Perhaps if she had married a Muslim all would be fine, but Sharia law does not recognise a marriage between a Muslim woman and a Christian man. The pregnant woman, who herself is already a mother, is sentenced to death.

Her crimes are twofold: The strangest is that of her adultery: she is, it would seem, accused of having intercourse with the man she married. The second is her insistence that she is not a Muslim woman. Because she does not hold her heart within a faith that was never hers, she has committed a heinous apostacy, which Sudan's justice system warrants death for.

What of her husband and the father of her born child and her unborn offspring? He will be denied access to their then motherless born child, when this woman is hung up until her neck snaps or her breath runs out. The offspring is considered a child of adultery, under Sharia law. What will happen to the second womb bound child seems uncertain, the death marked mother is 8 months with child.

When Sudan split into Sudan and South Sudan, it was lauded as a masterful solution. The majority Christian South has since descended spiralling into civil war. As was forewarned despite the Western constituted quick fix of secession, the Christians who remained in the north became far more vulnerable. She is among these.

A picture of the woman is embedded below:

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