Saturday 24 May 2014

(Audio) Major News Stories You Missed Today but need to know of - report by Marc Evan Aupiais (10 Minutes)

Do you have ten minutes to go through a quick look at many of the major stories Today? We do, and we did. Based on our news alerts as reported on the Twitter account of our editor, we have recounted the major headlines for Today. We hope you enjoy the listen.

Major stories today:

Jacob Zuma inaugurated. Massacre of Santa Barbara, California. Malawi President declares elections null, but electoral authority says she has no power to nullify the elections. Mass murder in Yemen. Somalia parliament stormed. Hand back erotic pictures after a relationship ends in Germany, judge rules. Death over the matter of a candy bar in Georgia jail. Boko Haram 3 village slaughter. China arrest mass murderer. Was American indictment of 5 Chinese hackers short sited of the West? Aegean Earthquake causes mass injuries in Turkey, hits hospital. Female porn star commits suicide after sex scene: LifeSiteNews investigates link between depression and porn actresses' sex scene anxiety. Putin says Russia will not stop gas flow to Europe, calls it suicidal to. Reporter kicked out of 9/11 museum for asking a question. 19 Morsi supporters sentenced to 5 years in jail in Egypt. Thai army disband the senate. Earthquake damages thousands of houses in South West China. British Prime Minister David Cameron mourns the likely deaths of a British yacht crew as the USA Coast Guard finds their life boat unused. The French Land Army and former Seleka rebels have engaged in combat against one another in Bambari, Central African Republic.

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