Saturday, October 19, 2013

Windows 8.1 and the Surveillance State: Don't give away your privacy rights: OPT OUT!

I just downloaded Microsoft's 'Free update' from Windows 8.0 to Windows 8.1. Except, it wasn't really too Free.

Automatically save my 'camera roll' to Sky Drive where espionage agencies can access it? Give Microsoft my internet browsing history... send information to Microsoft? Send my files for Microsoft to look at? Just some of the settings and agreements you have to opt out of. Yes, much of it is hidden, go through opt out options one by one. Also, default Sky Drive saving? Concerning. Give Microsoft my location? Is Microsoft my new girlfriend? Would I trust a girlfriend with such information? Can I trust a corporate giant to be trustworthy?

Having installed Windows 8.1, and opted out of these ridiculous conditions, I have the distinctive feeling I am being spied upon, eavesdropped on 24/7 by the Spy 'in the Machine'. I feel like my camera is turned against me. I feel like my keystrokes are logged. I feel like an exotic spectacle, brought from Africa to the West in a cage to be ogled at. I feel like I am endangered by corporate greed, which allies with a nosey foreign government. This is not paranoia, unfortunately. This is the reality we all might in fact easily face. I feel like if I warn enough people, I might land up like that person in China: Retweeted hundreds of times then arrested, except America does not arrest her suspects: she abducts them, she bombs them and considers family 'collateral damage', and she trusts electronic evidence when time and again it is utterly wrong. It is not a good idea to trust Silicon Valley, and their illicit paramour: U.S.A. Drones Are They!

I feel this way because Microsoft works with the American government as their major contractor, and Microsoft has been accused of selling user privacy to the same government which uses emails between people to order illegal kidnappings, drone strikes in other countries without the permission of the governments of those countries.

If Microsoft wants to recover from PRISM, why are they suddenly so snoopy?

And why are the journalists who were so critical of Windows 8, without just reason, and through basically lying about it, suddenly too poor in quality to realise that for Windows 8.1 you sell your privacy away unless you opt out. Are these journalists ravens? Are they some kind of bird which seeks the shiny things in life, regardless of the real value? Probably! They sold their security down the road for Android and IPhone, when Blackberry still protects her user-base. They sold yours too, ignoring the inherent weaknesses in those platforms, and the abuse of private data.

Remember, in the Age of Mass Unfettered Espionage, your Computer is like a child or animal, have it avert its eyes, or leave the room when it isn't meant to see something. Don't change in front of its camera: cameras can be hacked, but most importantly of all, don't 'legitimise' the invasion of you privacy by not opting out or worse: legitimise it by actively opting in. Opt out. These invasions are unnecessary. The same invasions power the cute tricks Microsoft added to impress the idiot 'journalists' who run device blogs. Pitty they never looked under the terms, conditions bonnet.

Run Rabbit Run!

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