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South Africa's head of Competition Commission: resigns over spending + R 100,000 of government money on pornography

According to the newspaper, Business Report (a subsidiary of Independent Newspapers South Africa), Competition Commissioner: Shan Ramburuth is in big trouble. Shan Ramburuth, according to the publication: used work resources to aid and abet his pornography habit. While abroad he used his work 3G card, approximately 2 years ago: in what one gleans must have been an extensive visit to a pornographic website, it has, basing one's self upon the report: come to be known. In his job as Competition Commissioner, he is supposed to ensure fair competition in the South African market and protect consumer rights.

It does not appear to be part of his job description: to wantonly view naughty material online. Economic Development Minister, Mister Ebrahim Patel, received and accepted Mister Shan Ramburuth's resignation. Business Report based their report on a fellow subsidiary of Independent Newspapers South Africa: the Sunday Independent newspaper. Independent Newspapers South Africa, were recently sold to an African National Congress linked consortium.

The source of the information, that Shan Ramburuth has resigned and that the resignation has been accepted, is, in essence, a ruling party appointee: Manelisi Wolela, who is spokesperson for the Department of Economic Development. A LinkedIn account, under the same name, of Manelisi Wolela, belongs to an individual who attended the University of Zimbabwe. Wolela is spokesperson for the department. Shan Ramburuth, however is reported in another newspaper late last night as saying he had not yet finalised a resignation. The minor point is exhausted below for the interests of accurate reporting. Business Report does not mention such denial, in their story published Today.

The usage of pornography, in the work environments, but not for work purposes, has recently also come under investigation in the United Kingdom: where it has been reported that parliamentarians have made extensive use of the Parliament's Internet facilities in the United Kingdom, in an unfettered addiction to pornographic content online. Studies have linked pornographic usage, to changes in the brain, which are of a similar nature to drug addiction.

Business Report, does not cite a reply to the allegations, from alleged pornographic connoisseur, Mister Shan Ramburuth, who has allegedly resigned, due to such misconduct and the misuse of government funding for the commission.

Mister Shan Ramburuth's reported habit is part of what the report calls a 120,000 Rand charge for international roaming. It is uncertain how much pornography Mister Shan Ramburuth allegedly viewed to accumulate such expense for the Department. The percentage of the about 120,000 Rand bill that was utilised in pursuing the seedy alleys of the online world, is not mentioned, however it seems unlikely that such a charge would be accumulated by ordinary usages, or that the pornography would be so noticeable if a good portion of the expense were not the pornography perusal by the Commissioner.

The New Age, a newspaper linked also to the Ruling Party, has a different story however, saying that Shan Ramburuth denies such resignation, based on Western linked Opposition Party friendly, The Sunday Times:

'"As far as I'm concerned, I'm still talking to him [Economic Development Minister Ebrahim Patel] about it...I have in my discussions with him, discussed various options," Ramburuth told the newspaper.

'"I would like to conclude that [discussion] with him before making any statement."

'Patel's spokesman Manelisi Wolela, however, said following complaints "relating to acts of misconduct", an investigation by Patel had ensued. "Earlier this week, Ramburuth resigned as commissioner and as an employee of the Competition Commission," he said.

'Wolela said the resignation would take effect on October 21.

'The Sunday Times referred to a forensic report by Paul O'Sullivan and Associates which detailed how Ramburuth apparently visited 25 pornographic sites between August and November 2011. His data bill in October that year - while using a government issued sim card overseas -came to a total of R123,000.

'The report suggested he had visited "inappropriate sites which were of an explicit pornographic nature"'

(SAPA 'Competition commission head Ramburuth denies resignation' The New Age at 19 October 2013 21:51)

A copy of the update on Business Report's Facebook, which is Published, Today, Sunday, is available below:

'Business Report

'Competition Commissioner Shan Ramburuth has been forced to resign after he visited a pornographic website using his work 3G card two years ago, contributing towards a R120 000 bill for international roaming, the Sunday Independent reported.

'Department spokesperson Manelisi Wolela confirmed last night that Economic Development Minister Ebrahim Patel had accepted Ramburuth's resignation, the newspaper added.'

(Business Report 'Update', Sunday, 20th October 2013, at 10: 15 AM.)

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