Saturday, October 5, 2013

Jaguar Land Rover announce they will assassinate the iconic Land Rover vehicle (67 years old) in December 2015. Why?

It wasn't born in World War II, but it birthed shortly after, made from the aluminium of British pots and pans that the government wanted. It was better than a Jeep. While American boys might have imagined their selves in a Green little Jeep in their adulthood, most of us across the Pond, would have dreamt of Land Rovers and game safaris.

'Production of the iconic and globally recognised Land Rover Defender will cease in December 2015' Is what Jaguar Land Rover stated to the Telegraph of Britain.

'So two years from now you will no longer be able to buy yourself a brand new Land Rover, a proper Land Rover, latterly known as the Defender. The last time there were no Land Rovers, George VI was in the Palace, Attlee in Downing Street, Independent India was just a year old and Harry Truman was about to approve the Marshall Plan.' The Telegraph writes a death note.
Farewell old chap might have been better.

'With sales a consistent 18,000 a year, reports in the past of its death have been exaggerated, but this time it is for real; the last Landy will roll off the line on December 20 2015. It’s not through lack of demand, nor that Land Rover’s engineers have tired of adapting it to meet 21st-century safety or emissions legislation. In a world of connected, hybrid cars in whatever shape or size you want them, the Defender just no longer fits. ' They continue to spin the tale of confused reasoning at the Telegraph.
Yet, without just cause the iconic vehicle, produced by the same mother factory, the same pool of industry, the same plant for 67 years,  is to be assassinated. Perhaps the Eugenics it narrowly avoided, which drafted the German soldiers into berserk ethnic cleansing is behind this assault on sentiment... 'no longer fits'.

Yes, you can buy a Range Rover... the vehicle that looks a lot like a Land Rover, and is bought in the place of a Mercedes Benz by accountants. No Land Rover however. That has gone the way of the Dodo... after the ship's cat of hybrids and eco-friendly butterfly vehicles charged its piece of African savannah, and intimidated the Jaguar Land Rover Owners into being more Paris Hilton like poodle than Growling Manly Jaguar in defending the honour of that old chap against the runts of eco-friendly cuteness of a woman dominated thought-stream.

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