Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Who MURDered Sean Hoare when MURDoch was in the DOCk?

Article by Marc Aupiais
"In a tragic development, British police were also investigating the unexplained death of whistleblower Sean Hoare, a former reporter at the newspaper who first implicated Coulson in the scandal."
France 24 (AFP TV Service; French Governmental; Secularist; Left Leaning; Competitor of Murdoch Empire)
19 July 2011: Murdoch rejects blame for phone-hacking practices

Thus starts the end of what Media is putting at the end of Media articles on Murdoch. While Murdoch has been docked in hearings for the British parliament, and several of his employees have been placed under the dock, a man has died from "unexplained" causes, say the British police. The man, who first implicated former press advisor to David Cameron, Mr Coulson. Coulson, also worked for Murdoch, at the News of the World, sadly shut down after over a century in journalism.

As I noted in opinion Yesterday, for the SACNS, while Murdoch could lose his empire, Sean, has lost his empire of one, perhaps over the Murdoch phone hacking saga, where answering machine services were hacked into.

Murdoch's Fox News in America, and BSkyB (Sky News) in Britain, along with the Sunday Times, Sun, and formerly the News of the World, are among the most influential voices in the world, never mind the Wall Street Journal.

Reuters, in an article where they stress they...

...are competitors with Murdoch, stress how hands on he was, how editors 12,000 miles away feared Murdoch, even as they were in Australia, and he in America etc. He is known for micromanaging, and getting rid of anyone who sent a message he didn't approve of or an alternate world-view. Editors, it says, quaked in their boots of the omnipresent Murdoch.

"The 80-year-old News Corporation chief's Chinese-born wife Wendi Deng leaped up and slapped the assailant, who was dragged off by police, before the parliamentary committee resumed quizzing Murdoch and his son James."
France 24 (AFP TV Service; French Governmental; Secularist; Left Leaning; Competitor of Murdoch Empire)
19 July 2011: Murdoch rejects blame for phone-hacking practices

The attacker, a comedian (say sources of the press, though police only mentioned a man in his twenties arrested for a public incident, no "Mr Comedian who attacked a Murdoch"), said to have made a joke about hurting Murdoch on twitter before the attempted attack, which saw the foam pie on his face not Murdoch's, was taken off by police, after somehow being allowed so close to Mr Murdoch. Police, and Terrorism Intelligence chiefs had resigned, after seeming to have taken "Murdoch Inc." bribes. Even David Cameron has of late turned on the most influential newspaper owner in Britain.

Mr Murdoch's wife, slapped the oppressor with his pie, thought to be a comedian and to have tweeted on his mischief before. Murdoch is 80 now, and his son, James Murdoch of 38 years, says AFP, repeatedly had to interject for his confused looking father.

With police, intelligence, Britain's Prime Minister, influential papers, and the Murdoch clan all possibly morally or legally responsible, who is it who killed Mr Sean Informer? Was it Mr Cameron, with the Candlestick in the Living Room? Was it his former advisor Mr Coulson, or the former Terrorism Intelligence lad, or the former police chief, or another who had information, or was it a conspiracy, in which Mr Sean Informer had been paid to lie, or had held back information?

How the British police deal or don't deal with the issue will surely tell us World Public some details of this. Perhaps a Wikileaks source will hack police data showing a conspiracy, maybe even phone messages? Then we'd likely see Reuters, the Guardian, and so many others carry the story, gained by questionable practices, certainly.

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