Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Murdock, and the dead whistle-blower

Article by Marc Aupiais

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As Murdock (Actually Murdoch), Rupert, is under scrutiny for phone hacking, Associated Press, like his other competitors is having a bit of fun. They are reporting that a major whistle-blower in Murdock's scandal, was found unexplainedly dead, according to police.

Reuters, which loves to note that they compete with Murdock's news services says sources note the Fox News and BSkyB man to be very controlling of the message of his services. He is said to have been much like the pictures of kings once hung in houses, always present!

The former Australian, has certainly an impact. His tentacles, combatted Soros' even more terrifying but better hid influence on media, as they fought constant propaganda wars.

Lately I've prayed for both Tycoons to lose control! They both present biased world views. So much, one may call American media "Patriotic Press".

The fall-out of the phone hacking could get ever bigger, or could be snuffled, shuffled and scuffled away.

The death of what Associated Press call a major whistle blower, is a different story! If connected with this story, the flack he got for it was fatal to his empire of one!

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