Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Thought on SAPA and an article on Buddhist monastery

Article by Marc Aupiais

Sapa Reports: A Buddhist Monastery in homosexuality-"friendly" Thailand has since 2008 been training homosexually inclined youth novices to be manly. Make-up and perfumes are banned, and novices are taught- you are what you're born. The monks want to extend the program country-wide. While a novice is quoted as saying he came to the monastery due to his stigma as a transsexual, homosexualist claim that the monastery causes novices to hate themselves, by teaching that it is better to act as a man even if inclined to act like a woman.

This contrasts a France 24 report on Germany, where picture books promoting "sexual diversity" are compulsory in schools. 50 % of Germans reportedly identify themselves as "homophobic", prompting the government response.

Recent studies have found that "homosexuality" is commonly temporary, ending with the full development of the brain at age 26, or a misdiagnosed due to the response known as the placebo effect- especially on effeminate men treated as homosexual.

20 percent of people self identifying as homosexual suffer manic depression, 18 percent in homosexual-"friendly" societies. Those who don't identify themselves as homosexual have much lower levels of depression in general.

Of men who have sex with men, 20 percent have hiv/aids- the figure raises dramatically when other sexual diseases are factored in.

SACNS takes the position on homosexuality, that the stereotypes encouraged by media, and encouragement to "come out" or engage in dangerous sexual lifestyle to those who experience unusual attractions or abnormal inclinations are in fact a sort of persecution of a psychologically targeted minority.

HIV/AIDS prevention medication is commonly tested on homosexuals in the West where they are the typhoid Mary of the condition, and on polygamists, in The Republic of South Africa, and other republics, where HIV/AIDS is a heterosexual disease, and polygamy is accepted by much of society.

Legalisation of homosexual "marriage" in South Africa, instead of creating "tolerance", has caused further polarisation, while 80 percent of South Africans, reports the Johannesburg Star, believe all homosexual acts always wrong.

A homosexual in the South African sense is a person who actively, and presently engages in homosexual lifestyle.

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