Wednesday, 1 December 2010

African, Caribbean, Pacific nations appeal to EU to stop interfering with their sovereignty, respect individuals' freedom of conscience, religion and give aid based on needs

Note from the SACNS

Turtle Bay and Beyond, a human rights organisation connected with C-Fam has reported on a document posted by the European Union online, noting that ACP countries have together asked that development aid needed to save lives, not be connected to their laws on promotion of homosexuality. They believe the EU policy has violated their sovereignty and seek the ability to enact the laws their citizens voted them in to enact.

Many western nations tie much needed aid to promotion of pro- abortionist, pro-homosexualist policies.

While 90 percent of South Africans oppose abortion, 80 percent believe homosexual acts always wrong: both abortion and de jure homosexual "civil unions" (with the legal privileges of marriage) are legal in South Africa.

On the EU issue c.f.

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