Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Gays sought to serve in the US military

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Article by Marc Aupiais

Note by Marc Aupiais

Barack Hussein Obama's Democrats with some Republican support have passed a bill reversing an ancient ban on homosexuals in the US military, through both houses of parliament, just before the Democrats lose their historic majority in historic Republican gains from an electorate angry with Obama policies including on abortion in re healthcare and secondarily the economy.

The US President, Barack Obama is due to sign the bill into law soon, having successfully pushed it through a lame duck session of the US parliament, before the newly elected politicians reach Washington. The move is expected to help get support for Obama from the far left in American politics, but has raised the specter of Societal Engineering, and of a military not based on what best serves a country, but rather based on ideology and a right to fight- for some but still not for women. The military will have 60 days to enact changes when the bill is signed, although there are already reports of intimidation of military chaplains to teach their individual religions more in line with government policy according to the Catholic News Agency service.

One in five American men who have sex with men have HIV/AIDS, 4.4 of ten of these don't know. The suspected wikileaks source was a homosexualist who openly served in the US military and released the documents after a clash with his male partner.

Women are still not allowed to serve the US military on the frontlines, and a large number of personelle in the largely conservative military have said they will cut their terms short or not re-enlist. Pastors and priests who believe homosexuality is immoral- that being the majority serving US troops, who quoting the bible called it an abomination- have been told to be silent on their beliefs or leave the military.

The move has also been reported to the Muslim world and in Africa, where American objectives are already failing.

The Catholic bishop to the US military in accordance with Vatican rules and the Catechism of the Catholic church opposed the move.

Ironically, or intentionally, instead of imposing silence on homosexuals in the US military- the Obama administration is now silencing Christians.

Statistically those who engage in a homosexual lifestyle are more prone to suicide or other anti-social behaviour, and have a very high prevalence of STDs, and promiscuity according to medical statistics. HIV prevention medication is often tested on this group- considered the canary on the mine when it comes to STD infections.

South Africa has both homosexual and HIV positive personelle allowed on the front lines. The military is considered ageing, under staffed and not fit for combat by experts.

America also passed a 750 billion military spending budget- the largest in history, even though experts across the world including American wikileak leaked cables state that America cannot win the war in Afghanistan, and has yet to stabilise Iraq according to experts on the ground and elsewhere.

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