Thursday, 2 December 2010

Cheaper energy more species due to climate change- reports

Note by Marc Aupiais

One of my favourite American journalists, the writer of Inforumblog among other articles, has quoted the Sydney Morning Herald, which notes that in past mass extinctions up to 90 percent of species were wiped out, but were always replaced by new life, all the more without ice caps. The American reporter goes on to cite reference of the UN climate panel which says seas may raise only half a metre not 7 as Al Gore mislead many to believe (along with a plentitude of inaccurate, unscientific, alarmist claims). The argument goes on: man's ability, along with nature to adapt is seen as underestimated. Energy needs it says, might be better fulfilled.

Either way- with wanton deceptions by leading scientists, the hijacking of "climate change" (formally "global warming" until temperatures cooled), and the hijacking of "climate change" by the anti-humanity far left, and the ignoring of contemporary environmental disasters- media globally agree that the move to combat so-called man-made climate catastrophe has run out of steam- or be it smile, wave powered motion.

SACNS wonders if they ever had much motion.


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