Wednesday, 15 December 2010

No clowning about- the pope likes show folk

No clowning about- the pope likes show folk : Click play to play, in the alternative right click link and select view in new window/tab to download

Note by Marc Aupiais

Given its early relation to prostitution the circus and show folk and actresses were often the ire of the church! Looked on as servants or complicit of evils and societal ill. Not just the church but society in general thus the modern largely unreported genocide against gypsies/roma in Europe. The Roma originated in India.

The church is the biggest advocate of migrant and Roma rights, and also of show folk rights (though it sadly does not object to the violation of conscience of actors in American and other film- who in almost every production act against human dignity and their marriages future or current).

But the pope did have a circus time today in his General Audience:

Rome Reports:

"Acrobats perform for Benedict XVI during the general audience December 15, 2010. Benedict XVI enjoyed a rare spectacle during  the general audience: trapeze artists turned the Paul VI Hall into a small circus.  The artistic group, the Pellegrini Brothers, are the winners of the Golden Clown of Monte Carlo and Moscow. They are in Rome for a meeting with other jugglers, clowns and other circus members of the International Congress for the Pastoral Care of Circus and Traveling Show People"

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