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Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference (SACBC) Press Release: 22 (day) / 02 (month) / 2010 (Year)

(Southern African Catholic Press Releases)

Notation By Marc Aupiais

The following quotation will be of a dispatch sent out to media by the SACBC (Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference). It is sent out from their communications department, and we are noting this press release, here: in the interests of the public:

They speak in their own capacity, as our disclaimer below will note!

SACBC Dispatch:


Issued on behalf of the National Church Leaders' Consultation by Fr Chris Townsend.

'We welcome the prospect of a national dialogue on morality and morals in our country. President Zuma's proposal is a timely one. It is for all South Africans to participate in a collective responsibility for our future. 

As a nation, we have been reaping the fruits of attitudes – social, economic moral and political - that have undermined and continue to undermine what common values and principles of behaviour we shared in the recent past to achieve our new South Africa. The elements of a legacy which were beginning to emerge under the leadership of former President Nelson Mandela and his generation of leaders have been substantially squandered. 

It is quite clear that at present we are floundering – directionless and clueless as to where we are going as a country. The goodwill, momentum and historical opportunity of the World Cup should not be left to waste, for fear that after the event all we are left with is debt and acrimony. 

Given the current depth of polarisation along social, economic and political lines, we propose that the starting point be the foundational principle that the human person, and every human person, has intrinsic and inalienable value. All else in any code of morals must take its lead from that basic principle. In this way we will avoid all considerations of race, class, nationality, religion and political persuasion. This is also the only way in which we will be able to judge and evaluate whether or not our Constitution and it’s application is in fact fair and just to all those who have been given the gift of life – from babies in their mother’s wombs to natural death. 

Naturally, for the Christian community, this principle takes its origin from the fact that every person is created in the image and likeness of God, that every person has value and worth from the fact that human life is sacred and therefore inviolable. 

We welcome this opportunity to build a more responsible South Africa.'

The National Church Leaders' Consultation bring together leaders of the Christian Churches in Southern Africa.



The SACBC: Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference; are a Catholic hierarchical (structural) body. Sometimes their dispatches may have a certain political, or practical perspective, they may even mention neutrally, or positively: a grouping, or person we openly appose: we do not however mean to endorse any group, or person that they are working together with, nor does this mean that such a group is acceptable to the church: only that for practicality: they may be working together with such, nor does it imply that such a group is not in some way affiliated, we simply advise against using this to see any affiliation, as we think this pointless. We do not endorse whom they endorse, nor their own views, or opinions or needs, nor do we guarantee their accuracy as a source: any complaints as to accuracy of their claims, can be given to us, however: to attempt to fix such; I advise approaching the source: as all we can do is remove a dispatch, and maybe tell them, or right an article, based on their information, or else write a warning from us, or an article on the error, or a retraction for our publishing, if we have a desire to clarify our part in any such thing, or say something may be wrong.

What they say is their personal perspective; and they, not us must be held fully accountable for their own words, we can change some things, though not direct quotes: but it is them you must approach for changes or retractions from them. We do not guarantee the accuracy of their news and views, nor endorse the content of their dispatches, by posting them, their views do not represent those of Our Service, nor of person, bodies, organizations, nor of groups in any way associated with Our Service, and this disclaimer applies also to those who post this disclaimer, with a dispatch, which we have accessed, in any manner, from the bishops: so far as it is posted with the permission of those responsible for such: or by the conditions given, by Our Service: these are not our words, which we post, when posting directly, what the bishops say, but theirs, and there is no endorsement herein, only reporting, rather: their views are purely their own views, even as due to similarities, such as fidelity to certain principles, and to possible use of some shared organizations: their views expressed, may even identically reflect our own so far as our beliefs may be similar due to these, as with some perspectives. This is purely due to “circumstance”, and not intended as an endorsement of them, nor does it imply that we endorse in any manner whatsoever, any statement they make, have made, or in the future: shall make. Due to practicality, or for whatever purpose, also, they may at times work with organizations: which our news service/s, or affiliations, or those posting such: openly appose. Posting information from the SACBC is further not to be considered endorsement of the SACBC or any representative or affiliate of theirs, or member therein. They speak entirely in their own capacity, and not in ours!

- Marc Aupiais


Disclaimer designed for South African Catholic:

But Our Service is to refer to whichever service publishes material with this disclaimer!

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