Monday, 8 February 2010

The Tempest and the Hurricane- and Marc Aupiais, our Editor

Note by the Editor

I was recently told that I had disappointed, there was not enough me in South African Catholic, so with the permission of this service, I have set up my own separate blog, where I can be what was seemingly asked for... me! The Address is: . In honour of my belief in the Night Breeze which becomes a hurricane, I called it after two storms, its name is: The Tempest and the Hurricane, and I put my views on it. So as to not lose out, South African Catholic, has added my latest creation to its site also, under the comments/views section of its expanded site.

I will still be writing for and editing South African Catholic, but you may also want to subscribe to my opinion blog: here:

It is not officially connected with South African Catholic in any way, by my own choice, so as to give more freedom to my columns, which will appear on this site also, as columns. I am not sure as yet, whether to include these columns as posts, it may well help the service, I am not certain. Either way, I await your emails, twitters and facebook inbox messages!

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