Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Changes to our service

Editorial note by Marc Aupiais

When the church says nothing on a matter, that doesn't make it silent. When a Catholic opinion making service, read by a wide variety of sources: from Catholic to secular international media, from legislators, to Vatican based readers checking up on the local church- from human rights groups, to humanitarian organizations... when such a service, namely our own is quiet, it does not mean we are not speaking.

What it does mean is that we have redesigned our news website, become a noted service on twitter, via noting others' articles, and our short comments, and decided to try something new in the way we present our news and views.

While I certainly can't take credit for all the work that goes into our articles, and i mean certainly: we are not just a blog but a service, although I am usually the person to pen our articles, I can take some credit for my analysis of some issues. We have gotten no emails asking that we more regularly publish VIS dispatches from the Vatican, and our general articles can sometimes be done without, but our investigative work, and analysis: which admittedly is not purely that of whoever writes each article, have been missed. As has our theological thrust, and my personal articles relating to the faith. For these reasons, I plan to make less use of others' news via VIS and other services, and focus more on producing our own stories: which are often quoted or noted internationally.

While we get started on this, for a few days we may lag a bit behind with translations, or not make them at all at first, while I as editor re-enter the rigors of publishing. First, we plan to write a few short articles, something which we may adopt more thoroughly, partially depending on your views as our readers.

Please visit our site, to read our new world vision statement, our clarification of our motto, and other sections of our more extensive service.

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