Monday, 22 February 2010

Marc Aupiais's view of what the Bishops have said on Abortion

(Chastity South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais (Editor)

The following is a quotation of "The Tempest and the Hurricane" column of Marc Aupiais, a pro-life blogger in his personal capacity:

The Bishops may just have joined calls to end abortion in RSA

It looks at the possibility that the SACBC is finally making a real stance, however meekly worded: against abortion in South Africa:


Article by Marc Aupiais

South African Catholic, a service which I edit, but which this blog is independent of has just made a press release for the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference for them and some other Christian leaders of a group I have never heard of before:

As all our safety measures to insure that the dispatch was in fact sent out by the SACBC mailing system checked out, we are assured that we as the list all should have gotten this message as media.

In any case: back to me as me, and this blog.

The message is significant. A small protest from another group I have never heard of before, called the Christian Action Network, happened in Capetown on February 1st this month. I wrote for South African Catholic on this at:

The Mother City coldly observes, a small protest over the tiny slain

Significantly, the Christian Action Network, called for an alteration to South Africa's Constitution, which the Constitutional Court, at the time it interpreted it on the matter, said excluded the right to life from unborn children, basing itself seemingly on common law principles from prior the days of ultrasounds. This was in response to the Christian Lawyers' Association challenging the ANC's mass liberalization of Abortion under Nelson Mandela.

The entire statement is interesting in the wording. It certainly seems very suggestive of the SACBC actually putting its weight behind efforts to have the Constitution amended (for what the twentieth time, but this time) to ensure that South Africa does not murder another +9 00 000 children.

Interestingly, it cites Mandela, who ensured abortion was radically liberalized, and whose ANC has believed abortion the right of every woman since 1994. But, it simply noted that a "legacy" had supposedly begun to emerge under Mandela, and not that one had emerged, which perhaps saves them somewhat from looking foolish for calling for attention as to whether or not the unborn should no longer be discriminated against under the might of South African law."

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