Sunday, 15 November 2015

There is a lot of folk wisdom at play with Twitter - about when, where and how to tweet. A more exact science exists.

There is a lot of folk wisdom at play with Twitter... about when, where and how to tweet. An easier approach might be to see how your actual tweets do with your actual audience. It is something LinkedIn is rather good at, and Twitter has introduced it as well. You can tell at a glance how your tweets are doing, whether your profile is being visited, and things such as which are your top mentions.

For instance, the top mention of my profile on Twitter this month, has had 28.8K engagements, was retweeted 592 times, and was hearted 117 times. It also happened to be in French.

So how do I, this great Oracle of Delphi know all of this vital information about the management of my brand? The truth is, you can know these secret arcana about your profile too.

Log onto Twitter for a start, and follow the easy enough instructions, dear padawan.

Click your picture in the top right corner, and select analytics... easy enough, really, but it adds a lot of insight into your Twitter.

You will see a screen with your statistics. Mine looks like this:

For instance, with only 16.9k impressions in the last 28 days, my Twitter impressions are 18.9% down... I am of course tweeting about 16% less, so there is that.

I can also, quite importantly, tell how each individual tweet is doing, by clicking on the bar graph image next to the heart on each tweet. This option appears on each actual tweet you post, and does not require that you visit Twitter analytics.

If you do visit Twitter analytics, clicking on 'Tweets' on the top of the page, will tell you how your various tweets have done at a glance.

Clicking on 'Audiences' will for instance tell you who Twitter estimates your followers and organic audience to be, and what they - each respectively - tend to be interested in, as well as where they likely live, and in the case of your organic audience: their income level demographics.

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