Saturday, 14 November 2015

Foul Grim reapers have attacked not just France, but civilization #PrayForParis #JeSuisParis #ParisAttacks #France

It is not France alone, which is attacked by foul grim reapers. Those hunting the souls of the French people, sought to destroy a potent symbol of the aspirations and of the otherly striving of the core of the ever living heart of the very human race.

Few nations are more symbolic of civilisation and of the measure of progress and culture and of the more widespread holding of an often rarefied nobility of mankind, than the French nation. Whatever God, whichsoever forces, beings or divinities, you may worship, think of Paris, should you pray to them, this day of November.

We, but a human race, but a planetful of peoples, stand firmly but swiftly in unbreakable human solidarity, with France, a symbol of the civilised world, and with empathy we endure, with her, her heartache and mourn with her, a sister by our human genome, as the sun has risen if not solely for its rays and brilliant light to touch upon and witness great and terrible tragedy, as the sorrow of a united humanity is laid as libations of tears and blood and as burning, living sacrifice, upon the altar of all its gods.

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