Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Islamic State succeeds for the same reason that Hollywood does.

 The Islamic State succeeds for the same reason that Hollywood does.
The latest research into the Islamic State, which I prefer to refer to as Islamic Caliphate, a more accurate rendering: suggests that Islam is not the reason young British men are gallivanting off to Iraq and Syria, in search of thrills, forced concubines and the eternal sunshine of the violent sociopathic mind. It must be surprising for many, that a group which advertises how violent it is across social media, and brags about catching women and selling them as sex slaves for $10 each: could possibly not be about religion, as much as it is about sex and violence. Indeed, the Islamic State, the Goody-Goody Caliphate of the Righteous Martyrs Heading to Heaven, Might Not Be Such a Religious Group After All.

So why is this message, this gospel of sex, violence and sexual violence so popular among what young Westerners happen to flock like seagulls upon the fast food that is Iraq and Syria? It is the same message that Hollywood has sold centuries before it even existed. There is a reason why gory horror movies sell, the Islamic State Is selling front row seats to sociopaths, so close you can smell the blood on the bad guy’ s murder knife, in their version you can feel the knife in your hand… The same sort of garbage which fills up cinemas, which for years we have been told is harmless, has found a place to be harmful to the nth degree.

It has been said that Islamic State was inspired by Boko Haram (which my speech recognition technology with which I am dictating this article: thinks is: ‘Barker Horror’). Boko Haram kidnapped hundreds of little schoolgirls, and stated that they would be selling them as sex slaves. This advertising by Boko Haram, gained global attention, as social media users flocked like beachgoers with fast food into the territory of seagulls. Boko Haram grew as a result, the fact that they were kidnapping little girls to become sex slaves no doubt appealed greatly to the sort of people who might want to join Boko Haram. Islamic State might have taken note. Boko Haram’s strategy will no doubt be seen as a great fait accompli, a great strategic victory, something to be emulated: by the many other violent men who desire to wreak havoc upon the world. After all, the Nigerian government decided upon a ceasefire, allowing Boko Haram to keep their substantial territorial gains, in exchange for the girls: who have since been radicalised, and likely support Boko Haram’s agenda.

The horrors presented by Islamic State, so delicately screened across television screens should not however hide the fact that their enemies are as bad as they are in many ways. Shia militias, and the Iraqi army, have been slammed by human rights groups for committing similar atrocities against Sunni women and men. These groups have even advanced into Yemen, undercover of media attention focused on Sunni militia such as Islamic State. Nor is the savageness of Boko Haram and Islamic state unique to their causes. The Libyan revolution for instance, and the counterrevolution currently occurring in Libya were both barbarically conducted. Amnesty International and others warned that the original fight to oust Gaddafi, with Western approval: was being driven by propaganda aimed at driving sub Saharan black Africans out of Libya. In such a case it is unusually strange that the International Committee of the Red Cross in Libya at the time was refusing access to humanitarian camps to non-Libyan citizens: that is: to sub Saharan African black immigrants.

Research has shown that veterans of wars are no more likely to commit crimes than other parts of the population, but the crimes they commit are proportionally more violent and induce more feelings of utter horror at what they have done among the general population. Post-traumatic stress creates violence. The Islamic State In Iraq And The Levant (ISIS) aka Islamic state, have an army that do not live upon bread alone, but upon post-traumatic stress and a love of sex and violence.

Many western children are raised upon both of these by the television screens. Any wonder then, that so many of the worst offenders amongst the Jihadist hordes hail from places such as Great Britain, and America. The little snake of sex and violence has eaten much sex and much violence, and has graduated into a massive anaconda. The video gamers who desperately wanted more real virtual reality have found reality to be even more enticing to the sickening urges they feel.

Research linking Islamist atrocities to sex, is not something new. It is alleged that pornography was found by the Americans in the house of Osama bin Laden. Many pieces have been written on the link, between violent pornography and groups similar to Islamic State: at the time being Al Qaeda, a less vitriolic but still utterly evil brother of its offshoot: The Islamic State.

The Islamic State might find their playground to be the Middle Eastern battlefield, but their nursery and the milk upon which they were fed are both located in the West, in movies, videogames, and music videos, in violent pornography and other sources that groomed these men into potential recruits for extremist organisations.

The wrongdoer is not Islam, but something far more primal, something far more primaeval than the Western mind can comprehend in any mind but its own. The Islamic State does not recruit solely through Islam, but rather upon promises of gore, rape and violence. Promises of power, not constrained by virtue. Sex and violence. Stirred in a teacup, in the house of naturalised British immigrant, powerless as they feel, they are gripped by the power that power promises, and the meaning that joining a terrorist group no doubt gives such poor examples raised upon the milk of violence, and a feeling of powerlessness in a western world that does not truly accept them, but has melded them from their very birth.

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